1. Meatpie

    At 13 I played dead for my sister and she jacked me

    We were very bored after school. I was naked on a table and she jacked me until I came. Then she rubbed her pussy on my knee and she also "came" :hahahahha: I was her first dude. I am not proud of what we did.
  2. B

    Brandon and Sky

    -My first snuff fiction -Goes a bit slowly. -Edited from the original, which had a lesbian scene with no snuff, and some errors. -Enjoy! Note: Brandon, Brianna, Twili and Sky are from an RP with my boyfriend. Brandon is a clone of Sky, and so is his sister. These are my boyfriend's characters...
  3. B


    Im very new to all this, still checking it out to figure out the difference between what excites and what disturbs me...
  4. Meatpie

    10 Classes of Necrophilia

    Read the short decriptions and decide which class you belong to then take part in our poll Type 1 Role players Do not want to have sex with a dead person. Enjoy sex with a living person pretending to be dead. Type 2 Romantic necrophiles Bereaved people, who would mummify a part of the body...
  5. Tiff

    What can I do about these overwelming fantasies?

    Hi, I have been having these fantasies about... well death. Not much about killing people but about being with a cute/attractive young dieing person being there to ease their final transition. Then preforming their autopsy and prepping their burial. I can't stop thinking about this the...
  6. N

    What is abnormal?

    I never expeacted to see so many people interested in these kind of sexual fantasies. I have always known that there were people who were into necrophilia and erotic asphixiation, choking and hanging, but I never realised this kind of fantasy bruns in the mids of so many of us. This site has...
  7. phyzzique

    CSI episode 'Crime After Crime'

    Kevin is a an internet millionaire who gives himself a huge birthday party and ends up deaded Partyboy Kevin Kevin getting offed Kevin dies on his own birthday cake Cadaver pics On the slab
  8. Meatpie


    :green puke: Password: Tarzan Download: Download all files before extracting.
  9. O

    Play with dead corpse

    What pleasure you feel when you undress, suck, make necrophilia with a naked dead guy?
  10. StrokMcToke

    Discussion on Necrophilia on General

    Hello there! I am sure if not everyone, most of the people on this forum is into or intersted in some form of necrophilia. For me, I am straight and into dead women, and many will have different views or interests, but I am really interested in how many of your necrophilia interests started...
  11. Tecpatl

    shirtless boy satanic sacrifice

    From the 1995 movie Hideaway. Jeremy Sisto plays a teen who murders his mother and sister, then goes up to his room, puts on some heavy metal, takes off his shirt, prays to Satan, and shoves a sharp knife in his chest. His dad gets home from work just in time to find his half-naked body just as...
  12. B

    Can someone explain or put into perspective for me re necrophilia

    Hi Guys, New to this forum as I accidentally stumbled across it when I was looking for torture stuff. Just hoping to get some answers, I am very open minded so I am not looking to judge or ridicule, I simply want to expand my horizons. As the thread title mentions can anyone who is a "necro"...
  13. Meatpie


    Sadly alive.
  14. Tiff

    How does someone get a job in a morgue or funeral home?

    Like I honestly don't wanna go to school cuz of the money and shit so like can a place hire me and train me there... I just wanna play with the dead people
  15. phyzzique

    Embalming Scene

    That corpse has nice feet
  16. P

    Playing with a man - hanged to death (from German translated)

    One day you see, that a sexy and cool looking hairy and naked man is hanged. Cool! As he dangles on a string, you go to him. You kneel down, and grab his hot ass with both hands. Then you take his meaty thick cock in your mouth. His hot ass is twitching in your hands and he dies. Feel his limp...
  17. ANUBIS

    What do you think on-congenital and acquired necrophilia

    What do you think on-congenital and acquired necrophilia discussing the topic lay out the scientific article on this topic I think it would be fun? What do you think?
  18. MichiganGhoul

    Morbid Mike (from the old NecroErotic paper issues)

    Ghoulish Greetings! Between approximately the Spring-Summer of 1995 and the late Summer of 2002, I put out 14 issues of the NecroErotic 'zine. Every issue had a cartoon of 'Morbid Mike the Mortician' in it. Granted, I'm no artist (even from a simple 'cartoonist' stand point), but in...
  19. Meatpie

    Motorcyclist Killed in Accident in Mexico [GRAPHIC PHOTO FROM SCENE 18+ ONLY]

    Dude hit a utility pole. Croaked at the scene depsite wearning a helmet.
  20. M

    New to Site

    Hi everyone I just thought I'd introduce myself to the group. I am Master Max Normal I am a 26 year old gay maser I like bondage and fantasy role play necrophilia as well as various bdsm type activities. I love young dead men and I love fucking. So please feel to say hello or stop by for a chat...