1. Meatpie

    Finnish drug addict Jani Raappana hangs himself in Kambodza

    Jani Raappana, the main character in controversial documentary film Reindeerspotting: Escape From Santaland on the lives of drug addicts in Finnish Lappland, has died. The information is confirmed by Oskari Huttu, one of the producers of the film. Huttu stated Raappana’s death was not...
  2. R

    Looking for necro frinds in Austin, Texas

    Some pics from the net that get me hard.
  3. S

    movie : deadgirl

    For those who like girls.. This movie is a mix of rape and necrophilia
  4. S

    movie : deadgirl

    Two high school friends ditch school to go drinking in this abandoned asylum. They get lost after an encounter with a dog and end up finding a body. The body is of a dead girl, naked and chained to a table. The twist is she is not dead, but the undead. What would the normal thing to do in this...
  5. D

    Hi Everyone

    New here, just been a member for like two days and still getting my feet wet and waiting to jump in. Just stumbled on the place and it's well...been enlightening.
  6. StiffBoy


    Explained Procedure of Various Death at the Morgue. Forensic Pathology (2010) (part-1)
  7. Meatpie

    Dead Girls

    Post your dead girls in this thread. Unwatermarked images are available on request from the forum team. Register and send us a pm or use the "Contact us" link below.
  8. Meatpie


    I was in a tram for the ghetto where I live. Two ugly girls were sitting in front of me, I was so bored. Then, at the next stop a bunch of soldiers got on! Jesus they were cute. OH FUKK. They were five or six, tall lean and muscled in uniforms, short hair, beautiful sweet faces. OHHH I can...
  9. Meatpie

    Movies Request and Search

    Post your queries here and we will help you out.