1. todd00009

    Vampire murders

    We've had requests for Vampire Killings. In this week's episode of the classic underground student film DEAD BOYS CLUB... The Dead Boys Club visit Hollywood where they encounter a blood sucking vampire... Good fun and gory stuff! Plus the boys are HOT!!! Bonus scene: One of the boys is...
  2. J

    Hit me with your best shot - the Syria collection.

  3. fuck yeah

    guy splits face open in diving accident

  4. stonefree

    Warning!! Super GORY video of a Alive 1/2 man after the car accident

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=176092069208588&set=vb.461605030527852&type=3&theater Too bloody for me.... But I think some members like gory stuffs.
  5. R

    Roleplay or Actual Snuff

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I'm a 25 year old male from Central Ohio. I'm interested in finding guys for online snuff roleplay, I'm mostly into violent, gory, scenes, but strangulation and extreme breath control are fun, too. If you live close to me, I'd be interested in meeting to kill or be...
  6. metalmachine

    Gory Make Up

  7. Starcomet

    Some thoughts concerning voreaphilia (vore)

    Voreaphillia or vore is a paraphilia or fetish that involves sexual interest in the idea of eating someone or being eaten. There are two types: Hard vore which is essentually cannibalism as it is very gory with lots of blood and ripping of flesh and almost always ends in the death of the victim...
  8. Conner


  9. M

    skeleton auction

    Not very gory, and you do have to sit through the ads first. But it's curious to see. http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_c2#/video/us/2012/09/12/pa-human-skeletons-up-for-auction.wfmz
  10. deaddirty

    It was an Accident II - DeadDirty's take on MichiganGhoul's story

    I've rewritten Michigan Ghoul's story, for those who like their cdgs limper, less gory, but dirtier. And I've added a twist.
  11. W

    The Hunting (From bdsmlibrary)

    By "meat_slave_boy" at www.bdsmlibrary.com. The Hunting Part 1 When the men opened the trunk of the car, I knew that something horrible was going to happen to me, and I would probably never be seen again. We were in a very remote, sylvan setting and I appeared to be all alone and at the mercy...
  12. sputnikoi

    My poems from my poetry book centered on necrophilia and cannibalism

    I need some help guys. Please tell me if you like this. I hope this get published as a book because no publisher I submitted it to liked the idea of my poetry... So I am doing my best to save and finance the printing. I need your support whatever they can be. My best unpublished work is about...
  13. F

    So it's Friday the 13th, time to kill!

    So it's Friday the 13th today. The day when horny couples go to secluded cabins to have sex before getting hacked up. So in honour of this great day, I ask you this. If you were a slasher / killer, and my boyfriend and I were the foolish horny victims, how would you kill us off? Also how...
  14. sunray

    Taliban Beheadings

    This video seems pretty old and so may be a re-post - my apologies if it is. I've not seen it before. The second beheading is quite gory. http://www.ajuaa.com/lookme/play.php?vid=958
  15. jon_b

    Youth tied up and shot

    An unidentified youth -aged about 20 years was tied up and shot dead. His body was found on the road beside a green bicycle.
  16. doncuffs

    Strangling Taylor Lautner

  17. stuffedick

    DOD Vid on Gunshot Wounds

    I came a cross this (oldish) Dept. Of Defense vid on various types of gunshot wounds. It's not particularly gory although it does show close-ups of wounds. I've not yet watched all the way through but I don't think that there's any autopsy per se although there are shots of a naked black guy...
  18. M

    Florida government posts graphic pedestrian death video

  19. Smokin45s

    I woke up in a man-killin’ mood (part 4-final)

    “I reckon it’s about time to get this little fandango started, Welch. How’s about let’s add a little pepper to our game” “What you got in mind, Rector?” “Let’s each, real careful-like, just unbutton. Pull out our hard corn-holers. I’ve kilt men before, seen ‘em pump their last load in their...
  20. ArrowMan

    HORNY OFFED PaliRebs

    GOT LAID in an Israeli AIR attack on their badAZZ PaliReb bootSTINKIN' compound a few yrs ago :stroke::stroke::stroke: :horny::horny::horny: