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    Simultaneous Heatwaves hit Northern Hemisphere in Summer 2023

    Good evening. Blisteringly high temperatures are being reported across the world, breaking records on multiple continents — the latest in a trend caused by the climate crisis. The first week of July was the hottest week on record, data shows. Southern Iran registered a heat index value...
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    Siberia Swelters in Record-breaking Temperatures amid its ‘Worst Heat Wave in History'

    Lake Baikal Dozens of heat records have fallen in Siberia, as temperatures climbed above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 Celsius). Despite only being early June, records are tumbling across parts of Siberia as extreme heat pushes into unusually high latitudes. Last Saturday, temperatures reached...
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    2022 European Heat Wave

    In June and July 2022, persistent and unprecedented heat waves affected parts of Central, Southern, and Western Europe, causing wildfires and many deaths. In June, temperatures of 40–43°C (104-110°F) were recorded throughout most of Europe with hundreds of daily, monthly and all-time temperature...
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    Humanity Faces ‘Collective Suicide’ over Climate Crisis, Warns UN chief

    Wildfires and heatwaves wreaking havoc across swathes of the globe show humanity facing “collective suicide”, the UN secretary general has warned, as governments around the world scramble to protect people from the impacts of extreme heat. António Guterres told ministers from 40 countries...
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    Climate Apocalypse News and Science Updates

    Niggers take refuge from the heat in Houston, Texas in June 2022. Hi everyone in this thread you will find latest climate apocalypse updates. More and more scientists believe our current civilization cannot adapt to global warming over 2C so drastically lowering emissions by mid century is the...
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    Fossil fuel firms ‘have humanity by the throat’, says UN head in blistering attack

    Fossil fuel companies and the banks that finance them “have humanity by the throat”, the UN secretary general has said, in a “blistering” attack on the industry and its backers, who are pulling in record profits amid energy prices sent soaring by the Ukraine war. António Guterres compared...
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    ‘Once-in-a-century’ Storm Cuts Transport Links around Vancouver

    A Canadian minister has said he has "no doubt" that a deadly storm in British Columbia is linked to climate change. Thousands were evacuated after an "atmospheric river" - a long strip of moisture in the air that transports water from tropical areas towards the poles - dumped the region's...
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    Ovation for Impassioned David Attenborough at COP26 [VIDEO]

    In case you missed it earlier today here is a clip from Sir David Attenborough's powerful and passionate speech to world leaders at COP26 in Glasgow. Set to the backdrop of images showing the impact of climate change the 95-year-old naturalist told the conference: "The world is looking to you."...
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    Five Powerful Heat Domes are Spreading over the Northern Hemisphere as Dozens of Countries Continue to Record their Highest Temperatures Ever Observed

    As viewed on a weather map of the globe, no fewer than five powerful heat domes are swelling over the landmasses of the Northern Hemisphere. These zones of high pressure in the atmosphere, intensified by climate change, are generating unforgiving blasts of heat in North America, Europe and Asia...
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    Russia Marks Second Hottest June in History

    June 2021 was the second-hottest June in Russia’s recorded history, with even more record-breaking heat to come, the country’s weather chief said at a press conference Tuesday. Russia recorded its all-time temperature record for the month of June less than a decade ago in 2012. The country can...
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    Canada Heatwave Exceeds Worst-Case Climate Models

    Scientists fear heat domes in North America and Siberia indicate a new dimension to the global crisis Tthe intensity of the heat in the north-west Americas this year and Siberia last year has taken many scientists by surprise and suggested extra factors may be involved in northern latitudes...
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    Canada Records Hghest ever Temperature

    People sleep at a cooling centre set up in Portland in the US state of Oregon Canada has recorded its highest ever temperature as the country's west and the US Pacific north-west frazzle in an unprecedented heatwave. Lytton in British Columbia soared to 46.6C (116F) on Sunday, breaking an...
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    Most Extreme and Prolonged Heatwave in Recorded History Grips Pacific Northwest

    A record-breaking heatwave across the western US is set to intensify this weekend, as climate change and an atmospheric “heat dome” combine to bring about the hottest temperature the region has ever experienced. Over the coming days, the heatwave will move into the Pacific Northwest, where...
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    UN Report: Climate Impacts to Hit Sooner than Feared

    Climate change will fundamentally reshape life on Earth in the coming decades, even if humans can tame planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, according to a landmark draft report from the UN's climate science advisors obtained by AFP. Species extinction, more widespread disease, unliveable...
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    Hail Severity will Increase in Most Regions of the World as a Result of Global Warming

    Hail severity will increase in most regions of the world while Australia and Europe are expected to experience more hailstorms as a result of climate change, an international review led by a UNSW Sydney researcher has found.
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    Sydney Records Hottest November Night on Record

    Sydney has recorded its hottest November night on record, with daytime temperatures of 40C on Sunday. The Australian city recorded a minimum overnight temperature of 25.4C. The heat has prompted the New South Wales (NSW) Fire Service to issue a total fire ban for most of the eastern and...
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    Earth Is Barreling Toward a 'Hothouse' State Not Seen in 50 Million Years

    Sixty-six million years ago, after a massive asteroid hit Earth with the explosive energy of roughly 1 billion nuclear bombs, a shroud of ash, dust and vaporized rock covered the sky and slowly rained down on the planet...
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    Evacuations in California and Oregon as Destructive Fire Outbreak Engulfs Three States

    Latest NASA satellite view in true color shows vast regions of the Western USA are covered in thick smoke. An unusually expansive outbreak of large and fast-moving wildfires threatens communities in three states Wednesday, with the greatest risks focused on Medford, Ore., and Oroville, Calif...
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    Earth is hurtling toward a catastrophe worse than the dinosaur extinction
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    Brazil Dramatic footage fuels fears Amazon fires could be worse than last year

    Dramatic new images have shown fires raging over wide areas of the Brazilian Amazon nearly a year after blazes across the region sparked an international crisis for the far-right government of President Jair Bolsonaro. The video images and photographs were filmed during a flight by Greenpeace...