1. M

    VIDEO: Chinese guy got killed, cut, fucked after death

    http://www.gpdy.com/post/332 Website is all in Chinese, click the player under [视频地址1:] SO HOT, 10 mins video recorded the whole process.
  2. Meatpie

    Rare photos from JFK assassination taken by bystanders

    Rare photographs of the day JFK was assassinated taken by bystanders are going on show for the first time in decades. The show at the International Center of Photography in New York, JFK November 22, 1963: A Bystander's View of History, examines the photographs which show the fateful day from...
  3. leatherdude97

    My boyfriend and I shoot it out

    :tognue2::load::load::load:Kody West wanted a gunfight with The Famous Timmy Burke, a meth head fast draw killer. Timmy was wearing his thick black leather jacket, lapels unsnapped and zipped all the way up, his thick shiny leather pants, and high cowboy boots. Kody was dressed in the same...
  4. A

    Bieber Strangle Fever

  5. B

    Bad Brother Story.

    This story is called Bad Brother and it follows twenty young guys on a TV reality show. Every few days some of the guys will be put up for eviction. Readers will then get the opportunity to vote for the guy they want to evict and he will then be evicted from the house. The twist is the guy...
  6. Meatpie

    theYNC.com is down

    At one point the main page redirected to google.com or you get "connection timeout".
  7. alexonedeath

    More United States Civil War Dead (1861-1865)

    Former slaves collecting bones of soldiers killed in the battle of Cold Harbor over a year after the battle was fought. Confederate dead near the Dunker Church at Antietam (Sharpsburg), MD Possibly the most famous photo from Gettysburg - The Gettysburg Snipe - the dead soldier in this...
  8. PiercedChest

    Homeless man clubbed to death

    40-year old victim (head wound from 'blunt instrument'): 22-year old suspected killer(caught on scene) called Nego:
  9. sunray

    Daniel (RIP) was out-run by the Bull

    Spanish Daniel Jimeno Romero gets medical care after been gored by a bull on July 10, 2009 during the fourth bull run of the San Fermin festival. A bull gored Romero to death during the world famous Pamplona run, piercing his neck, heart and lungs with its horns in front of thousands of...
  10. ArrowMan

    "Charlie Brown" voice: 5 counts of FELONY

    The man who did the voice for many of the TV shows for the world-famous "Charlie Brown" cartoon has been arrested for FIVE counts of FELONIES: http://todayentertainment.today.com/_news/2013/01/23/16659987-voice-of-charlie-brown-peter-robbins-arrested-on-five-felony-charges?lite "GOOD GRIEF...
  11. J

    Prince Harry...

    I love Prince Harry alive, but i also love the idea of him not so alive...Anyone else share these thoughts? I'm torn...
  12. Meatpie

    Xander Beckett Roommates Series on YouTube

    The now famous Xander Beckett on Youtube (more than 3,000,000 video views) has made a series named Roommates.
  13. Meatpie

    Teachers at a Roman Catholic school dance Gangnam Style half naked in YouTube video

    Teachers at a Roman Catholic school have been accused of undermining pupils’ respect for them after they filmed a spoof of the pop hit Gangnam Style complete with half-naked changing room scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?f&v=G6qw60Z7h9Y Staff including the headmaster performed...
  14. Meatpie

    Dead singer for Christmas

    Full funeral video in our Secret Room, three parts. Model doesn't look himself after death.
  15. KiltedSoldier

    WW1 football game

    When War still meant some chivalry - the famous 1914 Christmas Day truce here shown between Scottish troops and Germans - both sides used it to collect and bury the dead - in Ypres 69 slain Scotsmen were collected from no mans land and buried - and the living had a good football game.
  16. Meatpie

    Another real or fake? Please help me

    Looking for info on this guy.
  17. B

    Fucked to death by Horse

    It is an old one but a classic. Sorry if this video has been discussed before on CDG but I new. Warning Beastiality of course! This is very horny that he can take that much dick, but it is too much. His grunt is the moment his fate is sealed and he dies within hours. This is a famous case...
  18. Leon

    Slade's new hot chlor products???

    I really wish I could watch them! but sadly...seems his website is still not working... almost another 1 month past =S I will wait still!!!you are the best! Slade dude! =]
  19. Meatpie

    Very handsome young man in morgue

    Do you recognize this guy? He is quite famous... Give it a try.
  20. metalmachine

    NECROEROTIC Massages

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