Deviant Killer
Nov 19, 2011
:tognue2::load::load::load:Kody West wanted a gunfight with The Famous Timmy Burke, a meth head fast draw killer. Timmy was wearing his thick black leather jacket, lapels unsnapped and zipped all the way up, his thick shiny leather pants, and high cowboy boots. Kody was dressed in the same jacket as Timmy. He was wearing tight black leather underwear with a codpiece, tight shiny black leather chaps and tall black boots. Timmy was leaning against a wall, smoking a Marlboro, and spitting on the floor. He had his cock out and was spitting and working it. Kody walked up to Timmy and Tim turned to face him, back against the wall. Kody spit a big load in Timmy’s face and challenged him. Tim got really hard with the smell of Kody’s spit and said “Sure, punk. I’d love to put a bullet hole right between your eyes.”:load:

Timmy spit in Kody’s face so that Kody would get to smell Timmy’s meth spit. Kody inhaled deeply, smelling Timmy’s thick, chemical laced speed spit. Tim smiled and showed his yellow teeth. Kody backed up about six feet and put his hand on his gun in its holster. Timmy did the same and let Kody make the first move, confident that he could make his famous between the eyes shot. Kody was much faster than Timmy thought he was. Kody West shot Timmy Burke right between his eyes. Timmy instantly spit and big load on the floor. He got a blank expression on his face as Kody moved in and grabbed Timmy’s body by the shoulders to hold him up. As he was moving toward Timmy, he reached down and unsnapped his codpiece and pulled it off. Kody said ‘I shot you right between your fuckin’ eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Kody spit directly in Timmy’s face and the spit ran down the front of their leathers. Kody’s leathers were pressed against Timmy’s so he backed off a little so that the spit could run down the front of both of their black leather jackets to work as lube for their leather. Then he started rubbing his hard cock against Timmy’ still rock hard penis. Both penises were standing straight up so that the heads of their cocks were pressed between their multiple belt buckles. Timmy Burke started to show his yellow teeth. Kody worked his body up and down while staring into Timmy’s eyes and at the bullet hole he had put between them. Timmy still had enough brain activity to not only feel the sexual intensity caused by the destruction of his forebrain pleasure bundle, but to also have the ability to continue drawing his gun. When he had the gun up level with Kody’s leather jacket, he fired one shot. The bullet went all the way through Kody’s leathered body. Kody spit again in Timmy’s face. He backed off and changed his expression to show all of his white teeth. Timmy Burke continued to raise his gun and fired one more time at Kody. Timmy Burke shot Kody West right between his eyes. Kody spit thick spit down the front of his leather jacket and up at Timmy. Kody was going through what Timmy was experiencing so he grabbed his hard cock, using spit as lube and got himself off in five strokes. His climax caused him to continue to roughly work his cock as he shot his last load of teen-age starchy smelling spunk. Kody fell forward and was dead before he hit the floor. Timmy Burke was till standing and stroking his cock to ejaculation. He was grinning, showing his yellow teeth and spitting on Kody’s leather body. Timmy started cumming and continued until he was empty and then dropped over on Kody’s body.


Forum Resident
Sep 9, 2011
Would love to be there to strip the boots off both Timmy and Kody's dead bare feet!