1. NemesisBlaze

    Non Role Play USA MA - Isn’t It Time?

    [As the fatal bellman rings his bell] To take a step away from mere fantasy role play and see what it’s actually like? The beautiful, seductive route of death. It’s a process not a final destination. What’s is really like? What lies beyond? Not for the faint of heart and certainly not just...
  2. T

    SE Wisconsin looking to be snuffed

    Looking to be mutilated, tortured, used and snuffed. More brutal the better. Get back to me ASAP.
  3. M

    Victim looking for snuff/death/etc. roleplay on kik

    New to this. 22 m, looking to roleplay as victim on kik. Open minded and up for expirimentation. My username is mcsp1994. Come look into my eyes as you take my life from me.
  4. Meatpie

    Fit lad suffocated and jacked off

    So many sick fucks in this world...:tongue for you:
  5. O

    Extreme players Australia style

    Open minded, experimental, extreme sadomasochistic guy looking for similar in Australia. Into heaps of shit, from usual kinks to more violent and sick games. Want to chat with real guys, can/will travel if its worthwhile...
  6. phyzzique

    Greek Rapper Pavlos Fyssas Killed by Golden Dawn Supporter

    Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek rap and hip-hop artist known as Killah P, was stabbed to death on Tuesday night in a suburb of the port city of Pireaus. He was 34 years old. A suspect was later arrested, and admitted to the killing. The man also identified himself as a member of Golden Dawn, an extreme...
  7. billtp66

    Burning and Tortured

    Looking for other men into extreme tortured (no limits) and burning. Is There any one out there
  8. F

    UK ? Use my slim, athletic body for your extreme roleplay

    Hi I'm slim, willing and keen to be your nude victim for extreme roleplay games I enjoy being tied and enjoy being watched. If you like snuff, execution or torture scenarios call me ,South East UK
  9. C

    Sub Lad

    Hey guys, north London lad here, originally from up north. Interested to chat with and meet like minded 'top' guys :-) Guns, knives, army, strangulation, executions etc
  10. ArrowMan

    Three bored teens kill jogger in USA

    Three bored loser teen-agers in a no where, white trash central western American town shoot dead a promising Australian baseball player named Christopher Lane (age 22) whose only mistake was he was out jogging in broad daylight. Why did they shoot him? "For fun." MAJOR story all...
  11. Meatpie

    Mark Sutton, 41 daredevil who parachuted into 2012 Olympics killed in accident

    Tragic: Mr Sutton crashed into a ridge and is understood to have been killed straight away The daredevil who parachuted into 2012 London Olympics dressed as James Bond was travelling at 124mph when he hit mountain ridge and died, it was revealed today. Mark Sutton, 42, was killed yesterday...
  12. todd00009

    BestDeaths compilation of video clips for July 24th 2013

    Some good ones... Including nude morgue scene... New Deathbot death... Hot bed strangle... and more...
  13. Meatpie

    Mega Fit Russian Daredevil Pavel Kashin Falls to his Death in St. Petersburg

    Seconds from death: Pavel's last jump photographed by his friends Handsome and mega fit Russian daredevil Pavel Kashin has killed himself in a brave jump from the roof of a 16-storey building in St. Petersburg. Friends took photos of his last stunt and uploaded them to the internet...
  14. S

    Ever Scare Yourself?

    I am new to the forum, I just found out about it a few days ago and it intrigued me and scared me at the same time. I was really reluctant to join but at the same time I could not stop myself from coming back again. I kind of feel like I am realizing something really dark about myself and it is...
  15. Meatpie

    French student Clement Meric murdered in Paris by skinheads

    A group of skinheads beat a French far-left activist Clement Meric, 18 on Wednesday in the heart of Paris' shopping district. On Thursday June 6 beauty was declared brain dead and taken to morgue. Four suspects, aged 20 to 37 and believed to have links to extreme right movements, were...
  16. Meatpie

    13-year-old Daniel shot dead

  17. StiffBoy

    MULTI D.E.A.T.H....!

    :totally hot: MASS DEAD on FLOOR *Click image to SEE... :totally hot::totally hot: MASS DEAD SHOWING STOMACH *Click image to VIEW... :totally hot::totally hot::totally hot: MORE DEAD GANG *Click image to WATCH... :totally hot::totally hot::totally hot::totally hot: SHOOT & PUT ON...
  18. todd00009

    EXTENDED DEAD GUYS FILM released on DVD for first time

    The Dead Guys Cinema film DEAD GUYS was the first film ever to explore the underground world of necro-fetish, erotic asphyxiation and lust serial murder of CUTE YOUNG GUYS... Many scenes needed to be CUT from the original theatrical release, especially some scenes deemed to extreme for public...
  19. S

    some old pics you might missing them

  20. O


    hi english lad here,intro extreme breath control,defib/flatline any other brits