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Dec 19, 2013
[As the fatal bellman rings his bell]

To take a step away from mere fantasy role play and see what it’s actually like? The beautiful, seductive route of death. It’s a process not a final destination.

What’s is really like? What lies beyond? Not for the faint of heart and certainly not just mere role play, but to actually get a taste?

Your heart starting to sink,
as the noose is put around your head. One quick tug,
and the ground beneath you is no longer. Your vision is going darker. Time stops as you’re swaying... Theres no chance of escape.

Fear, terror, and you break through into the unknown. The world as you know it is just vignetting away. Sounds diminishing. The fight is now over. It’s time to just let go..

As you step out of your body just a faint glowing light you’re still able to look back and see yourself hanging. It’s a beautiful image you will never forget. Pure ecstasy.

Whatever lies beyond this life, is just up ahead. The cosmos begins to unravel. A place usually just out of reach, slowly begins to open. Riding the wave of time still within yourself. Flying through tunnels of light at astronomical speeds. This isn’t role play. This is for real.

Your vision is sharp
The is veil gone. Now knowers of the unseen What you were promised near, and all is revealed before you. Standing at the very edge of all creation.

“What happened?”
“Where am I?”
“Why am I here?”

Will be questions running through your head. Other worldly images which our vocabulary is not advanced enough yet to describe. Your vision is sharp The is veil gone.

It’s just a visit.
You cannot stay.
It’s just a taste...

So beautiful you won’t want to turn back. The strong desire to just keep going. Forgetting all about the promises you made at the beginning of this journey. Just as you’re about to take one more step... as far as you can go and still return... a flash of light. Still out of focus, but then it gets clear.

I yanked you back.
My promise is kept.

The most number of full lift successful hangings on the web. The worlds best hang person. Zero injuries, 1000s of hangings. 20 foot gallows in a historical building built 1812. Do you dare? As close as you can possibly go, and still be able to get back.

See My profile. Role players, wannabes and time wasters cut short quickly. I find you an utter bore.

Straight, gay, CD, TG welcome.

Your Hangwoman
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Oct 22, 2013
I am very interested in the actual hanging as it is described in your post.
where are you?
contact me on skype: mikixyz2