1. D

    Real alive stabbing hairy stomach hunk

    I am looking for Russian speaking guys from all over the world, extreme masochists aged 25-37, with muscular hairy bodies. With a hairy belly from the pubis to the chest. Who can realistically voluntarily cut or pierce their hairy stomach below the navel, and do any other extreme torture of...
  2. G

    belly bloat and inflation

    I love belly bloat and inflation...we whant to chat?
  3. euroteenboy

    I search a hard brutal Sir cutter or doctor cut my belly and pubic area and my sack

    I wish my belly and pubic area and my scrotum and my cock would be cut .. :Yeah Right::stroke::hot:
  4. G

    3d Art _young fat boy before his gutting

    Hello Nothing like of the smell of chlorophyl...and this belly before his guts on my shoes!!
  5. bustgutstud

    Handsome biker's guts out

    Another bike accident, another handsome biker's guts out.
  6. rtndguts

    Chicago looking for more than cyber

    Chicago here. 55, 5'10 180 Been into gutpunching and navel torture and CBT since my mid teens. mild to extreme, give take or mutual. It's rare to find anyone beyond the fantasy stage of this fetish. Seems most are super intense till they find out you're close enough to visit, or suddenly lose...
  7. Meatpie

    Another night of gang violence in Brazil ends with multiple CDGs

    Vids from yesterday The following vids are older but still new to me
  8. Meatpie

    21-year-old Michael

  9. J

    Dead outside my door

    When I opened the door to work...
  10. G

    19 yo Wenderson Lira da Silva (pic+video)

  11. M

    Another skater bites the dust...

    “Hey, dude, ya got any smoke?" I sit forward on the bench and take a closer look at the kid. He and his friends had been riding their boards around all afternoon—or at least as long as I’ve been sitting on this bench. This boy has taken a couple of good long looks in my direction but he...
  12. ArrowMan

    Dead KIA Assad soldiers and SyrianRebs lotsa lotsa laid Assads all kindsa boner killed Assad soldiers way too hot bearded sexy reb mega sexy bareshirt bearded...
  13. phyzzique

    Very good-looking 22 yo Hugo da Silva executado

  14. todd00009

    Watch cute young twink HUNTER is stripped and strangled to death

    Hunter is 18... as a long thin neck with a protruding adam's apple just begging to be squeezed... In this video he goes to a doctor's office, is knocked out and slowly stripped...then strangled manually by a crazed doctor. Hunter puts up a good fight... but not good enough....after death, his...
  15. D

    My Latest Stabbing Video

    Here's a still from my new video. The clip is about 245 mb - 4 minutes plus an additional four minutes of outtakes. Here's the link to the dowload: Frank
  16. Meatpie

    Beautiful postmortem changes in fat male [Venous marbling]

    Venous marbling occurs due to breakdown of hemoglobin within blood vessels, a green putrid liquid begins to travel around your veins after death, transporting intestinal bacterial around the corpse until the abdomen finally ruptures under the pressue. In 90% of dead guys guts are pushed...
  17. M

    Fantasy Scenario #6

    Wow. These kids get younger each year. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older. It doesn’t matter. But I seem to save fewer of them as time goes by. It doesn’t matter. I still love my work. Pain and fear still exist. The fuckmeat still squeals and dies in a welter of blood and semen...
  18. A

    First post from a killer !

    Hi mates, greet from Brisbane, Australia. I love this site. It's like my dirty little secret, a place I can express my fantasy :D. I always dream of killing a hot businessman in his suit. First, I want stab him real hard in the belly and while he's still trying to crawl away from my bloody hand...
  19. K


    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and am still finding my way around, I particularly like writing and my principle interest is the navel / belly area together with seppuku and hanging. I live in Argyll scotland where ther appears to be a shortage of playmates, any one nearby ?. My email is...
  20. S

    still lookin for victim in pa

    im still looking fro the right victim in northeast pa