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  • Very close work associate did it by hanging two weeks ago as we were texting few miles apart. Wasn't sure until an EMT answered me on that phone. Have to say was big shock.
    2D & 3D free but very good drafting is FreeCAD. Google for it & check for add ons. Easy 3D drawing that generates 2D drawings for your gut punching machine auto. However, dimensioning is free add on. I use for engineering drawings.

    Cancer seems under control but losing weight
    nice nice.. i like to torture my navel too... i've already stuck a needle into it... drilled it and applied sharp pressure to it a lot.. you??
    hi there, yeah, we did chat at one time. sorry for the late response. I am not on here much. if you want to email me....email deadboyfeet@yahoo.com hope to chat. :)
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