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I love to watch the first spurt of red blood on a white shirt. It means something good is happening. :rocks4:
The Azov Battalion Crucify and Burn Alive Captured Russian Soldier

They should have at least pulled down his pants before they burned him!


He seemed very calm about it.
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I love to watch men die.
I love to watch a blade slice into the throat, thru the white cartiledge of his Adam's apple.
Opening a red gushing throat, begging for my mouth to suck and slurp.
The hot red spurt as the carotid is cut.
Full detachment of a pretty head from a sexy body.
My tongue probing exposed windpipe and throat. (Any unswallowed lunch in there?)
Fucking his head. Fucking his ass. Sucking his cock. Always chewing. Chewing.
I love to watch men die.
Thief kills partner on bike by accident - then continues with female accomplice

ISIS Capture and Execute Six Young PKK Members in Deir ez-Zor, Syria

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