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    Watch People Die Video Collection

    Pedestrian Ragdolled by a Car in Russia This fatal road accident occurred on November 2, 2021 at 13:44 in the city of Chusovoy, Russia. 40-year-old local man was driving his Hyundai high speed when a 77-year-old male pedestrian tried to cross the road and was struck and killed on impact.
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    Headshot Execution of Young Lad

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    Dead Motorcyclist with Amputated Leg

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    Three Killed After Man Detonates a Hand Grenade outside Courthouse in Tartus, Syria

    Happened on Sept 23, 2021 during personal dispute outside a courthouse. Eleven people were injured.
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    Barefoot Young Man Butchered and Head Destroyed with Rocks

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    Young Man Falls from a Crane

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    Truck Driver Killed after Getting Ejected from the Cabin in Crash