dead man

  1. Frazeeme

    CDG Hanged in Undies by Local Mob

    He was a hitman sent to kill one of the villagers and they beat and hung him instead.
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    Missing 20 Year Old CDG Found In River

  3. Frazeeme

    CDG With Tattoos Found Floating In Canal

    Wish I had found him first. :sneaky:
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    This Time It Was The Thief Who Died

  5. Frazeeme

    Looting a Cute Dead Thug

  6. Frazeeme

    Piddling With A CDG Found Packaged In White Plastic

    Photographer/editor has severe ADD. :(
  7. Frazeeme

    CDG Hanging - Definitely Not Suicide

  8. Frazeeme

    CDG Left Hanging in the Street - Free for the Taking

  9. Frazeeme

    Hung CDG Slightly Swaying

  10. Frazeeme


  11. Frazeeme

    CDG Dead in the Front Seat

  12. Frazeeme

    Hot Muscular Young Man Decapitated

    Underwear ripped apart too.
  13. Frazeeme

    Dead Young Biker's Twisted Body

    Quite dramatic!
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    Man Buried 4 Days Lifted into Morgue Tray

  15. Frazeeme

    British Guardsman, Member of the Household Cavalry aged 18 found dead
  16. Frazeeme

    Teen Gutted and Beheaded

  17. Frazeeme

    Last Dive Into the Pool

  18. Frazeeme

    Hanging Suicide by 25 year old Man

    Short but sweet.
  19. Frazeeme

    Cut in Half by Train

  20. Frazeeme

    Naked Young Man Pulled from Water By Sun Bronzed Men

    Thug was a known assassin. dick peek over hairy thigh See the video in "Crime and Death Videos" forum Hot Young Assassin with Bullet Holes Floating and Loses His Pants