1. Meatpie

    Young dude's cute foot horribly twisted and broken

    Broken or amputated, I would suck his toes hard I don't care.
  2. Meatpie

    Feets twisted, glasses still on

    Morgue in Syria
  3. ICE

    Anyone in for some fun with old friends of us all?

    Yes I know I'm sorry to break the news before Meatpie did. But some of our old friends are back online. Just when we thought they learned... They are back. Yes the sicko's are back at it. JoX, Twisted Truck, Bope all the lot. Even our old friend Geo is on in it. Be carefull when creating...
  4. M


    hi, found your guy's site by accident, was browsing some other "interesting" stuff and stumbled across this place. Never tried this kind of thing, but I tend to be a bit twisted so this peaked my curiosity. We will see how it goes from here :muahha:
  5. C

    Boy beheading

    Graphic (obviously) Enjoy guys
  6. Meatpie

    26-year-old killed in hit-and-run in Kazan, Russia

    Police in the Russian town of Kazan are looking for a driver who ran over a handsome 26-year-old man and fled the scene of the accident. The dead dude had cold feet as evident by the multiple layers of socks on his big feet.
  7. phyzzique

    CDG with sexy body morto

  8. Meatpie

    Too young to drive

    Very bad situation.
  9. J

    Sick & discusting

    This website makes me sick , you people on here are sick in the head & twisted . Getting off to the dead!? That's messed up
  10. todd00009

    Depressed college kid is chloroformed, strangled then pisses himself...

    I like this clip....A depressed college student is about to take a piss when he is chloroformed by a masked psycho... He is dragged to the living room with his pants nearly to his knees... He starts to wake up... he wonders where he is and what happened, when suddenly a cord is twisted around...
  11. StrokMcToke

    To Meatpie

    Hello everyone, this may be a second time introducing myself, but I am a bisexual necrophiliac. Not too tall 5' 9" and I am mainly hairy in the legs. The reason for me introducing myself like this is because I can only send 10 messages every hour so I will make a post. I am very seated in my...
  12. M

    Young men hanged

    You can see a new video from New Video from Iran shows 4 Young Men Hanged
  13. E

    Checking things out....

    Twisted Asian guy looking to push some limits.
  14. m3m1

    Mac and Bill Return

    The kid stood at the mouth of the alley, nervously smoking a cigarette. His back was to the alley, his attention directed outward, scanning the street in front of him. It was a short side street near the waterfront, with the wall of a derelict factory taking one side of the pavement. The...
  15. headsman

    The William Burroughs Reader we scored for some civil war uniforms and joined one of the warring powers - And captured five soldiers who were wearing uniforms of a different color and the General got drunk and decided to hang the prisoners just for jolly and we rigged up a cart with a drop under a tree limb - The...
  16. S

    Hours before my end...

    The twisted snuffer kept me in this position for hours before beheading me...
  17. A

    Sirian snipper behead like a pingeon (LOL) Lot of blood, but sniper are maybe druged, he stay too calm... But when his neck is twisted and borken, he do some smuggle ! (Sorry if is a repost)
  18. L

    Fantasy: A skinhead goes to far

    Fuck, I love patrolling! Kitted out in full combat uniform, gun in one hand, the other grabbing my meat through the coarse fabric of my BDU's. Nothing any of those stupid fuckers can do about it. Not since the government issued martial law. Three skinheads. Stupid assholes. They turn when they...
  19. N

    Your favorite Bestdeaths Videos

    I know the guys from have their eyes on us so I think it would be a good idea for us to discuss some of our favorite videos from their website. So, what's your favorite video? I am actually on a tear about the video I like the most. One of my favorite video is Frat Boy...
  20. Rand503

    The Israeli Special Agent Finds a Dumpster

    Avi is an Israeli agent, part of the Mossad. He is trained to defend, and when necessary, kill anyone who is a threat to the Israeli state. For some time now, Avi has been following Ali, whom he suspects is passing along secret information in violation of law. He doesn't know much about Ali...