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Aug 6, 2011
El Mundo
Hello everyone, this may be a second time introducing myself, but I am a bisexual necrophiliac. Not too tall 5' 9" and I am mainly hairy in the legs. The reason for me introducing myself like this is because I can only send 10 messages every hour so I will make a post. I am very seated in my awareness as to who I am and what I am attracted or addicted to (which are corpses). I have read much on philsophy, anatomy, and biology of our humanistic natures. Yet no matter how much I read, the questions that pertain towards my desires is still left with uncertainties. I am well aware that at my young age (19), this sort of interest is self destructive and can lead me into uncomfortable paths and situations within the future when times come. Yet my perspective on sanity is adamant as I am stuck within a loop that I am well aware of. I do not deny this loop, or cycle of actions that impound further habits because that would make me a bit insane in that sense. What I truly seek is guidance and opinions from others as I have no one else to share my personal experiences with. This site allows me to do so and I want to learn as much as I can early on as possible as to not make any later regrets within my life no matter how inevitable it may seem. I follow the words of Buddha in terms of living a life with compassion and kindness towards others, yet my desires conflict with my own doctrines. It is truly hard to live a life of a complex human being whose mind is so well awarem, yet so twisted. Can this be what we call fate?


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Oct 7, 2008
I am well aware that at my young age (19), this sort of interest is self destructive and can lead me into uncomfortable paths and situations

Dude, it's normal to have an interest in human anatomy, corpses etc you are young and curious about the world.

The deviance starts when you begin to collect pics/vids of dead bodies and get hard. "Normal" people will be grossed out by the idea.

Unfortunately some of us myself included go only for the real thing and get hard at funerals, take up morgue jobs, while others turn on themselves or hurt other people.

If you belong to the latter category I am afraid you won't be able to get it hard from alive guys or girls by the time you are 30 necrophilia will have damaged your brain beyond repair.

Make a career choice study medicine then forensics it will be tough at first but you won't regret it later on.


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Dec 12, 2010
Australia are just like me exactly. I like philosophy too and biology since I am a medical practitioner. Like you, I know my desires will condemn me to a life of solitude but I have come to accept that now. Perhaps it is for the best since I can devote all my time to helping other people and doing research to advance medical knowledge.

I too follow the teachings of the Buddha, I desire to help people but my nature conflicts with my desire to see dead corpses and get a hard on. But as the wise Siddharta has said that all life is merely an illusion and we as mortals are trapped in the never ending cycle of Samsara. Perhaps by meditating and doing good we may be able to break out of it