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Jul 8, 2011
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I know the guys from have their eyes on us so I think it would be a good idea for us to discuss some of our favorite videos from their website.

So, what's your favorite video?

I am actually on a tear about the video I like the most.

One of my favorite video is Frat Boy Captured: Strangled, Gut Punched As His Feet And Body Are Worshiped By Twisted Captor

I know the guy is not that particularly cute, but I love how the killer plays with his hands and how he lifts the guy's shirt up and touches his body. I dont know why, but I think it's so much hotter when the guy has his shirt on while the killer is worshiping his body.

I also love Construction Worker Is Choked, Stabbed, Feet Fondled And His Clothes Are Slowly Removed.

I love this video because the victim is so cute and his deathstare is amazzing. I also love the stabbing part (even though there is no blood).