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Dec 16, 2014
Sent to me in Chinese by a good friend.
Translated from the Chinese by Google.
Translated from the Googlese by me.
Thanks to my friend who helped me understand the Chinese slang and imagery.

"Have you seen the game from yesterday?"

A new day of work was about to begin. After every game I was full of enthusiasm for this job, even if I was just a trivial cleaner.

"Please! Don't tell me the result! I want to surprise myself!

"Ha, I didn't actually watch it either. I want to leave the surprise for the moment when the door is opened!"

"Good brother! I knew you would be like me."

Even though I was wearing thick work clothes, I could clearly see that my colleague’s crotch was already very erect. After quickly disinfecting, we finally came to the door of the locker room. I don’t know which team was there yesterday. There was a carnival here, and I couldn't wait to push the door open.

The smell was strong, and the warm air filled with a faint male taste. It was not only a smell, but a special smell filled with arousal.

The dressing room was messy, and the smell grew even stronger after entering. Dirty shoes and yellow socks were scattered everywhere. Two rows of metal wardrobes and the bench in the middle extended parallel to the end of the dressing room.

"Let me open the first cabinet - how about it?"

Though I obviously couldn't control my desire. I put it aside. After all, we would experience this surprise at the same time.

"Then come on! Hurry up~"

He couldn't wait to walk to the first closet, and I quickly followed and walked around him, afraid of missing the moment of the locker’s opening.

Click, squeak - Maybe it's too quiet inside. Opening this obviously freshly equipped cabinet is ear-piercing as it has been rusted for years.

There was a player standing in the cabinet. Although he was a bit crowded, he fit just right. He was wearing a blue futball jersey with a white background.

"It's the XX team!! That's right! It's the XX team! Then the first prize must have fallen on Xu Xiaodong this time!"

My colleague was very excited. It seems that he was expecting this result in his heart, and of course I was too.

"Absolutely unmistakable! No one but him in the XX team could receive the honor.”

“Who is this guy, I can't recognize him like this."

The head of the player in the closet was covered with a pair of futball socks. The semen on the socks was so plentiful that it had almost congealed into a frozen state. They were all over the face of the player, and it seemed that he suffocated to death in entreaty. With this kind of humiliation, Qu's handling should be by a humble attendant. I didn't even have the desire to lift the socks on the face to see who he was, although his body was very manly.

"Ha, I don't know who he is, but he actually wears a birdcage cup! No wonder the first wardrobe belongs to him."

The colleague took off the player’s shorts at some point, holding the transparent birdcage in his hand. The cock inside has turned purple and the meat stick was tightly attached to the inner wall of the birdcage. It could be seen that it longed for the outside world.

"It's really going to cause us trouble, how are we going to untangle this?"

"It's better to take it down directly, anyway, there’s not a corpse that has never recovered the broken testicle." (sic)

"Good idea."

The two testicles were stuck in the crevice of the birdcage under the hard pull of the birdcage. The colleague kept pressing with both thumbs, and the two meat balls gradually passed through the gap like ooze, looking very different. It would be painful, but fortunately, the owner of these eggs is already a cold corpse.

After removing the birdcage, I discovered that a tube had been inserted in the urethra. Thick and yellow semen flowed out weakly like tap water. Qu’s flaccid meat ejaculated after losing his life.

After simply cleaning the player's corpse, he put the naked body over the bench kneeled with his legs on the ground and his head stuck on the floor on the other side of the bench. The naked corpse's buttocks appeared particularly elastic after washing.

The second cabinet was my turn. I hoped I would have better luck and would open a player I like, although the second cabinet may not be any better than the first one.

It was very difficult to open this cabinet for some reason. When I opened it a little bit, I felt resistance in it. In the end, I used my hands together with a lot of effort to open the cabinet door. I was shocked when I saw the scene inside.

A player with a flushed face was rolling his eyes and his body was twitching constantly. The cord around his neck almost cut his neck and his legs were bent.

As his legs were bent, obviously he was kneeling inside and I opened the cabinet to lift him up!

The struggling player was covered with sweat attaching his shirt tightly to his body. As his body twitched, I saw the squirming of every muscle in his body. His head was tilted, and his neck deformed by the rope. Although rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue, I still could see his handsomeness. The appearance of the frothy saliva flowing out of his mouth was really sexy.

He was incontinent with piss and sex. The yellow urine wetted his shorts where his meat stick had stiffened. This made the urine-stained crotch a huge bulge. The feet wrapped in the white futball socks were still rubbing randomly on a floor full of urine. The translucent white socks showed the flesh color of the big feet inside, adding a touch of sexiness.

"Damn! You really won the jackpot. It's probably because the winners partied too much last night and forgot it."

My colleague was rubbing his crotch, looking very funny.

The cabinet door opened wider and I saw him in side view. After I slowly lifted the player inside from the kneeling position, his body began to twitch again. The toes in the stocks were sometimes stretching and stretching as the body twitched continuously.


The cord connecting the neck and the cabinet door was actually just shoelaces that suddenly broke!

The player inside knelt heavily on the floor, his head up to the sky, his upper body fallen back like a classic celebration after a goal. His erection almost pierced through the thin shorts.

"He should be dead now, let’s wash him.”

Taking off his clothes, the figure really did not disappoint us, perhaps because it was fresher. There may be still unfired shells from the cock erected in the crotch. I arranged his body onto the bench like the player in the first cabinet. His two unfired bullets remained side by side, like steamed buns in a box.

Next the third cabinet, now it was my colleague's turn. I hope he will have better luck this time.

As the door of the cabinet opened, a smell of sweat came out. The player standing in the closet had no head. There was a bloody cross section on his neck. His whole body was exuding a particularly heavy smell of sweat and feet.

"These fucking feet are too stinky!"

I looked down and found that there was a head under the right foot wearing a yellow futball sock. The front of the head was facing the sole of the foot.

"This is definitely because the feet are too stinky that they gave him this way of death, to let him smell how stinky his feet are! Like this, I don't want to clean him up."

"To be honest, we have to do what we need to do, but we can have fun."

I squatted down and grabbed the headless player’s calf. I felt the stiff flesh through the texture of the sock. I held his leg down on the face and swayed back and forth. His smelly sock was rubbing on his own head. The constant roughness on his face made my colleague laugh for a time while clutching his stomach. It didn't take long for the head to roll out uncontrolled from beneath the sole of his foot. This allowed us to see his looks clearly.

"Isn't this Hu Xin? His shooting is so bad. I didn't expect the his foot to be so stinky. The way they put his head below his stinky feet is suitable. Hahaha"

The colleague picked up Hu Xin's head and looked at it for a long time.

"There’s no doubt that this guy looks handsome up close. If only I could take it home!" Then he put Hu Xin's face on his crotch and rubbed his trousers.

"Regulations allow employees to take no more than one limb per job. The head is not a limb. You can expect to get a good limb."

"Damn, disappointment.”

We cleaned up Hu Xin's body and placed him on the bench like the first two. The difference was that this had his handsome head on his ass.

It was again my turn. I was looking forward to the fourth cabinet more. Based on my experience, the closer to the end of the cabinet line, the hotter the player would be.

My colleague on the side was more anxious than I was. If I hadn’t been confident that there would be a hot player I like, I would graciously have let him open this cabinet.

I gently opened the door, and an odor of sweat spurted out of the gap.

What caught the eye was a player with a weird posture. He was sitting leaning against the cabinet with his feet upside down, hugged by his sturdy arms. Only one of the two big feet was wearing a white sock. The bottom of that sock had turned to a yellow patina, translucent, soaked in sweat and exuding a pungent smell. Looking down along the legs, under the hugged legs, there were solid round butts. The gluts that this futball player had developed with long-term running are glowing under the lights. In that light, they looked like a fresh watermelons rinsed with summer water. They made one want to take a few plunges.

It's a pity that there was only a bloody hole in his crotch. The genitals that should be in the crotch are now inserted between the two buttocks, wedged there into in his own chrysanthemum (anus).

"Who is this?" My colleague squeezed over, helping to break apart the player's feet. "Isn't this Kan Ke?!"

"Oh my god, it's a crime with his big cock."

Looking at the face in the cabinet, even his half-open eyes and wet sticky face couldn't hide his handsomeness. He was Kan Ke. The most handsome player in the XX team, he was rated as the player with the biggest cock by the fans. Every time he played the stadium was in an uproar, because his sling was too big, flicking in all directions as he ran. If he was wearing loose-fitting shorts, when he sweated the shorts looked like they had a mineral water bottle stuck in his crotch. Even then the shorts were attached to his proud meat stick.

Looking at his stiff body after death, he still held his legs with all his strength, trying to show off everything about his lower body which is really full of masculine aura. His meat stick was completely inserted into his own chrysanthemum, revealing only the shriveled scrotum. Hanging outside, the two egg-like testicles hung one high and one low. Although I don't know how happy they were last night, these two eggs were still so full afterwards they deserved to belong to the biggest cock.

"Your luck is still good. Quickly take out his sling and see how big it is. Rumor has it that it is more than 30 centimeters!"

I grabbed the battered inserted genital and pulled it out. A weak and black meat stick emerged out of the chrysanthemum. The withered penis seemed to be much smaller due to the lack of blood, reducing the engorgement. But it was still bigger than ordinary people. Quite a lot! Although it was as weak as fried dough sticks left overnight, I was still able to see its prestige.

"Hey, if there is nothing to take back with me, I will hang on to his cock to make soup, don't compete with me!"

The colleague looked at the big dick in my hand, and his eyes were bright.

I nodded and saw a lot of semen flowing out of Kan Ke's chrysanthemum when I took out this big cock. The yellow and white fluid was smelled sour and the density was amazing.

"Unexpectedly, this guy who has the biggest cock had his butt filled with semen."

I couldn't help but sigh. It was poignant to think of myself posed holding his legs and showing his butt at this time.


My colleague knelt down and pointed excitedly at Kan Ke's chrysanthemum. What else had been stuffed in was pulled out and he was holding in his hand. It was a wet white sock with semen on it, Kan Ke’s other one.


The colleague approached and sniffed, with a look of intoxication.

"That’s really smelly."

He threw the wet sock on Kan Ke's face, and the semen-filled sock became firmly attached there. The mass covered his lifeless eyes.

"If I displayed him that way, we would have our wages deducted again."

We spent a while to get Kan Ke out of the cabinet. His muscular body was like a lock. Finally his hand broke loose. Now there was another corpse on the bench, kneeling neatly there. But different as there was a set of flaccid genitals on his butt.

I collected the sock left on his foot adding it to the one from his head. I believe they will become my new favorites for the next month.

While I set aside my trophies, my colleague prepared to open the fifth cabinet. His hand was already on the doorknob. When I looked along the opening of the door, my heartbeat sped up again as I looked up from the bottom up. I only saw white socks with big feet. As the cabinet door opened farther, I saw that the body inside was completely different from the players before, showing traces of a gym with muscles stronger and bigger.

When I looked closer, I could see that it was a powerful headless corpse. A small flag was inserted where the head was removed. The body was folded with arms around the chest, the thick arms squeezed tightly against the solid chest. The upper body was leaning against the rear wall. It sat upright on a head! The legs were bare, wearing only medium-length socks. The big feet wrapped in the yellow white socks were extraordinarily sexy. The giants between the legs were even more peculiar. There was an erection that was tightly bound at the root of the stem by shoelaces. Seemingly buckled into the skin, the two eggs were creatively bound, tightly secured. The scrotum looked like a plastic package at this moment with tightly fitting the egg-sized testicles. The entire external genitalia had turned purple, looking extra fierce. The head sitting under the butt, with its short hair and big thick eyebrows, would have looked angry if it weren't for the pale pupils. His mouth was stuffed with undies. Pressed down by the weight of the body, his teeth tightly clenched the fabric of the underwear.

"Hey, this person is familiar, but he doesn't seem to be a player!"

The colleague crouched and looked at the head under the butt thinking. "This person . . . seems to be . . ."

I also felt that this face was too familiar. "Right! I remember, isn't this the coach of the team! What does he seem to be called... What is it? Zhang Dahao! Yes! Zhang Dahao"

I thought about this person.

"Oh oh oh! I remember when you said his name, he used to be a player and won the game before. He was fancied by the owner and became a slave for a few years. He has a good stature and is intimidating. He was tired of playing and running. Came back to be a coach!"

That’s right, this big man was a player on the team many years ago. The team’s strength was good. After winning a game, he could have been rewarded along with his teammates, but he was favored by a mysterious gold master and disappeared for many years. It was only after he reappeared it was apparent that he had been a slave for so many years and had been shaping his perfect body. But unfortunately he was never eaten or dealt with, and finally returned to the team as a coach.

"This Dahao is enhanced by the team's fame, otherwise there is really no market for this old meat."

As I squeezed Zhang Dahao's calf I could feel that his physique was very tight, full of hard muscles. I touched myself and felt the slime on my hand, "This guy is so sticky." I raised my head and looked at his body carefully. He was a sturdy bull, his hands clasped to his chest, his muscles knotted, and his legs wide open, sitting on his own head. The whole body was slimy making the whole body look wet and luminescent! It felt like oil all over.

"Hey, it seems you are wrong, he was quite popular!" The colleague smiled.

Indeed, this body was covered with an unknown amount of semen. Now I was really curious about the scene last night.

"There seems to be a surprise here!"

The colleague lightly flicked the tight testicles that had been strangled, and the purple erection dangle also shook. Talking to me, he began to untie the shoelaces that bound Zhang Dahao's genitals. The shoelaces were twisted and untied from the root of the stem, and suddenly thick yellow semen flowed from the eye of Zhang Dahao's erect horse (cock). It came out like cheese from a hamburger.

"Hahaha, interesting!" The colleague smiled innocently while pinching the two egg-sized testicles. The thick semen kept flowing out, staying along the erect stem, until it flowed across the scrotum into the crotch. It flowed down the ass crack onto Zhang Dahao's head. There, his slimy semen flowed from his forehead to the bifurcation of the bridge of the nose, and quickly flowed over the bluish lips to the ground.

Even after removing the tied shoelaces, Zhang Dahao's penis still stood upright.

At this time, I curiously looked at the flag inserted on the stump of Zhang Dahao’s neck. The style was like a small decoration on a desktop. I picked up something on the flag. I took a closer look and read the word "Goubuli" (a type of pork bun) (Slang for ‘Even a dog won’t pay attention’.). After careful consideration, it seemed to be mocking Zhang Dahao, player of the former champion team, that no one is willing to clean up. I stood up straight and looked at this strong body like a giant relic. There was a little desire stirring in my heart. This body was absolutely perfect. Zhang Dahao was a piece of gold buried in the sand, but unfortunately now he could only act as a supporting role for his own players in this coming out of the closets.

Below his neck, the two pecs were held in place by the arms. The thick arms had clear muscle delineation. It appears that he regularly did strength training. Under the arms were rows of abdominal muscles and a tight trim waist. With firm and round buttocks, the body’s perfect streamline was unmistakable after death.

While I was immersed in admiring this body, my colleague had already removed Zhang Dahao’s head from beneath the buttocks of this decapitated corpse. Zhang Dahao’s headless carcass was still in place without the support of his head. In death the body had become slightly stiff. Leaning on the wall and supported by its big feet in the white socks, it had maintained its original posture, sitting with chest in its arms.

Zhang Dahao’s short hair was full of unidentified mucus, and there was the yellowed semen on his face. His face was pale from excessive blood loss, but his thick eyebrows were still slightly wrinkled above his tiger eyes as if he would be reprimanded in the next second. For this expression, it was a pity that the pupils on his eyeballs have been dilated and filled with nothingness.

The colleague's hands kept playing with Zhang Dahao's face. He seemed to like this head very much, and he wanted to touch every place.

“You like this guy?" I asked jokingly from the side.

"Of course, this guy is really what I want! If it weren’t that this is worktime, I would plug my erection into his big mouth now!" The colleague said excitedly.

He put his finger into Zhang Dahao's slightly opened mouth, then pulled out the underwear with a few vigorous tugs. It was a pair of white long-legged compression pants. I don’t know who they belonged to and how they got all that fabric stuffed into him. My colleague simply used all that cloth as a rag. He wiped Zhang Dahao’s face covered with semen and mucus a few times. Without the slime, the big man looked a little bit more handsome. At the end of the day he was a very good-looking mature man.

The next job was simple, follow the same procedure to get Zhang Dahao out of the cabinet. His frozen posture was convenient, just like a toy, to put it directly over the bench. Sadly, the arms holding the chest were useless for the position. We have a lot of strength, but the muscles of his chest and arms were tightly buckled together like a mechanism. Finally, we understood why some novels will depict a man's body to a copper wall or an iron wall.

After finally breaking his arms straight and putting Zhang Dahao’s body down, we discovered that there was still an anal plug in his butthole. The moment the anal plug was removed, the semen almost spurted out and smelled like fish. It had to be quickly off rinsed with clean water.

After that, my colleague reluctantly put Zhang Dahao's head on the ass of Zhang Dahao’s cleaned body.

"Don't be sad, the next one might be better!" I comforted, putting away the white socks that I took off Zhang Dahao's big feet just now.

Now, it was my turn to open the next cabinet. The expectations in my heart became more and more full as I promptly opened the sixth door. The moment the iron door opened, there was a burst of warmth. The hot wind of male hormones was blowing out and I can clearly feel body warmth. I heard moaning after opening the door.

“Living jocks again!”


My fickle colleague saw the scene in the cabinet, instantly forgetting the regret he had just felt, and sighed.

Indeed, the content inside was too shocking. They were two jocks wearing only athletic socks. Their tanned skin was quite robust. The two were facing each other, their faces pressed closely together, and they were kissing each other. Of course this in itself did not shock us, it was mainly the movements and body positions of the two.

The two of them were about the same height and body shape. Facing each other, their hands were tied behind their backs so that their proud and strong chests were close together. The wet and sweat on their bodies blended and blended, steaming out the scent of men. Their feet were interlaced, close together. They were like two soldiers on standby, just too close.

Looking down again, that was the most exciting place. The two purple genitals erected close to their abdomens, the roots and scrotums tightly bound by shoelaces, the two penises were firmly fixed together. The men’s abdomens slid back and forth, jumping from time to time, full of vitality. Upon closer inspection, there was something stuffed in their horses' eyes (urethra). They shined with metallic glints under the light. I couldn't help it. Grabbing them, I pulled the two hard penises out of their clinging bellies, like the pointer of a clock. Together, the two glans were like a cannon sticking out of the city wall, forty-five degrees of mighty power.

"Oh my god, it’s a screw!"

I found that down into each horse's eye was actually a screw. I couldn't help but take a breath, because the hexagonal disgrace exposed at the horse's eye (meatus) had a diameter of one centimeter. What was terrifying was the unseen part that goes deep into the horse's eyes!

"Good god, it's really awesome that they plugged these things!"

The colleague's hand touched the two glans, flicking the metal nuts. The two of them trembled a few moments actually arousing my playful heart. I also flicked the screw heads a few times like my colleague. Their bodies shook like a motor, making the whole cabinet shake. I directly pinched a metal nut like I was disassembling a part. I began slowly rotating and pulling it out of a horse's eye. As each body shook with pain, the two people were constantly rubbing their sweaty and slippery bodies with a squishing sound.

"Don't worry! You look at these two people's testicles and hard-ons. Judging by the size of the testicles, they have a lot of inventory stored in there. We will open, unscrew and discharge the flood later. But for now, let’s find out who they are."

The colleague grabbed my hand and stopped my act of pulling out the screw. When he said this, I also became curious about who these two people were and suddenly lost interest in the penis. Of course, I kindly pressed the half of the screw back and twisted it in again.

When I released them, the proud pair slammed back between the abdomens where they were tightly attached.

My colleague and I stood up and looked at the two people who were kissing each other. They both wore a buzz cut. The tanned skin looked a little alike from the side. It could also be said that they were a good match.

Just as I was thinking about these two, my companion’s hands were already separating their jaws.

"Be gentle, they are still alive!" I said to my colleague in an annoyed manner.

"You don’t have the credibility to say this to me. You were so rough to them before as well!"

He turned his head and gave me a blank look, and I watched his thumb kneading wantonly on the faces of the two of them.

"Furthermore, now they are just toys. They’ve not been 'human' for a long time and we will need to help them end it all in a while." As he spoke, he patted the cheeks of the two players lightly.

"Ahem, that's what I said, then you hurry up, I want to see who these two people are."

"Don't worry, here we go!"

The colleague grabbed the two people’s chins with both hands to separate their faces. Their lips were separated. When they separated, their tongues pulled out a silver wire of saliva. The eyes of the two were a little weird, as if they were stupid.

"Aren't these Ren Chengbin and Zhong Yiming?"

"Really! There have been gossips on the internet about the scandals that the two of them have one leg (lovers). It seems to be true! But there is something not right here."

I also noticed this and looked up. Only then did I realize that there was something on the foreheads of the two of them!

"Hold on!!" I yelled at my colleague.

"What's wrong?!"

"Look at their foreheads!"


I saw that there was a slender steel needle inserted in their foreheads. We then understood that the two pointed ends of the steel needle were thick in the middle, and the two ends were pierced into their heads!

"The people who were here last night do know how to entertain themselves!"

The more they separated the heads, the more the steel needles were exposed. But the steel needles pierced into their brains seemed to be very long and they did not come out for a long time. In the narrow space in this cabinet it was impossible to completely separate them. In desperation we had no choice but to pull the two out.

It was not hard to move them out, but we forgot that they couldn't stand firmly without the support of the cabinet. Their knees bent to kneeling position and their torsos fell backwards! But because their genitals were trapped by shoelaces, the upper bodies of the two of them bent backwards like fountain spray. The steel needle clinked on the ground. This position displayed their abdominal muscles perfectly. The genitals, which were stretched by the body's gravity, almost burst apart. Two red and purple penises connected the two corpses, trembling violently.

Upon seeing this, my colleague and I hurriedly helped the two of them up and laid them out on the bench, like huge sushi.

"You see that these two athletes have big holes in their brains. They’re not interesting anymore as they are probably finished by now," The colleague said.

But I disagreed with his statement. "Not necessarily, different gameplay applies in different situations! Let’s untie them first!"

As I said that, I took out the scissors from the tool pocket, and cut off the laces that bound the penises of the two. I was trying to turn Ren Chengbin over who completely covered Zhong Yiming. But I didn’t do it properly, and his body fell to the floor, head swaying at my feet. His eyes were drifting as he himself reached the end of his life. A little blood together with some whitish liquid oozed out from the little hole on his forehead. You didn't need to think about it to know what it was.

Ren Chengbin had a great body, with a wide natural skeleton and big muscles. His body was perfect after long-term exercise. His flesh looks better and fresher than the players lying on the bench, maybe because he is still ‘alive’.

Just as I was thinking, there was a small noise. I looked in the direction of the sound. It turned out that it was my colleague who removed the screw from Zhong Yiming's urethra. At the moment I looked, a huge amount of semen was rushed out from and spurted two or three meters. The most annoying thing was that the corpses we just cleaned were splattered with his semen.

"Look what you’ve done!" I joked to my colleague.

He also seemed to be startled by the extravagant ejaculation. He didn't expect Zhong Yiming to shoot so much, but after returning to his senses there was a little anger on his face. He stepped across Zhong Yiming's body and the bench, sitting down on Zhong Yiming's chest.

"Fucking Zhong’s damn big cock, that hot horse only makes things messy! Now I have to clean them again!"

The colleague scolded Zhong Yiming's face and put his hands together on Zhong Yiming's head as it kept turning from side to side. Although Zhong Yiming hadn’t died disgraced like his other teammates, he still couldn’t stop himself from being humiliated like this.

My colleague’s filthy hands scratched Zhong Yiming’s face indiscriminately as he said irritably, "Hey, I seem to understand the meaning of what you just said!"

I smiled tacitly. I lowered my head and looked at Ren Chengbin lying on my feet. I gently kicked Ren Chengbin in the face with the thick rubber boots I was wearing. There was no trace of resistance on his puppet like face. His tongue was out and I was able to get a little bit of spit from the corner of my toy’s mouth, making him look silly. I kept rubbing his lips with the soles of my shoes. Although I wasn’t able to
directly touch with my body, I was satisfied inside. Playing with a hot guy like this is usually a privilege reserved for the rich. But I now had one at my feet!

Thinking of this, I quietly took off my work rubber boot revealing my socked foot. Shaking with excitement, I rubbed gently on Ren Chengbin’s face back and forth several times. I finally made up my mind, my socked foot was straightened and ready. Pushing it into Ren Chengbin's mouth, the warm feeling immediately enveloped my toes. I kept fiddling with that slippery and soft tongue to make it move back and forth on the sole of my foot wrapped in the cotton sock.

After I had a good time playing and put on the rubber shoe again, Ren Chengbin’s mouth was already red and swollen, the corners of his mouth a little cracked. I shifted my attention to his massive chest and abdominal muscles.

I trampled his penis which still clung to his abdomen. As I trampled harder and harder, it felt as good as if I were trampling on an inflated jumping castle. I intensified the trampling, from pressing and massaging to lifting and stomping. I squeezed into Ren Chengbin’s abdomen with an aggressive foot. His whole body was like a conditioned reflex. His limbs were lifted up and convulsed a few times, and then fell heavily to the ground.

His red and swollen lips could not speak, his eyes still looked stupid.

I continue to stomp! His whole body flopped like a grass carp falling on dry land. He slammed a few times with foam flowing out of his mouth, rapidly from his nose.

Of course I didn’t ignore the upright stick. I continued to lift my foot and stomped on the soft crotch scrotum. The next second the screw inserted in Ren Chengbin’s penis flew out, accompanied by a huge volume of semen. Like Zhong Yiming’s ejaculation, his landed a few meters away. Much of it landed on players already splattered by Ren Chengbin.

The flying semen was naturally seen by my colleague.

"So now you’re sending the hatchet handle after the blade? How ashamed I am to let you do this again by yourself!" He said. After we finished talking, both of us laughed loudly.

"By the way, how do they solve it after the game? This is the first time I have encountered a situation that I have to solve by myself."

It suddenly occurred to me that these two are still ‘living people’.

"I've solved it!" my colleague said.

He finished speaking and stood up. It turned out that he had been sitting on Zhong Yiming's face with his butt just now. The protective clothing we were wearing was not breathable at all, and it could suffocate people in a few minutes.

"Good way! I'll follow you!" I gave him a thumbs up.

When I said that, I stepped over Ren Chengbin’s body and sat on his chest. I lifted his head and pressed it against my crotch. I pressed my crotch with his handsome face. I imagined that I was using my long. It was like I was masturbating with Ren Chengbin’s athletic jaws. Pressing his face firmly under my crotch, even through the thick protective clothing, I felt Ren Chengbin’s body temperature.

"Damn!!! No good!! I'm going to shoot!!!" I didn't hold back at all, and shot out in the protective suit. The sticky feeling made my body very uncomfortable, there was even a little bit of after ejaculation. Annoyed, I wanted to take off my clothes and take a bath.


I smashed Ren Chengbin's head on the ground. At this time, his face was already blue and he had suffocated to death.

"Eh, eh, how can you have such a premature ejaculation? There are still several cabinets to open.”

My colleague actually started to make fun of me.

“We’ve got five more players to pry out of the lockers, undress, wash, and pose ass up on that bench. The customers’ expectations have to be met.”

“Who knows what other shenanigans the winners were up to last night. We need to keep working even if we don’t stem the rose any more, no matter how muscular, handsome, or erected those cabinet inhabitants are.”

"I'm very energetic, so I can whiten my thighs whenever I shoot."

"Hahaha, all right, let's wash these guys again."

We put Zhong Yiming and Ren Chengbin in a posture of kneeling and crawling on the bench like the other players, taking up the water pipe and rinsing the semen off their bodies.

The blissful, rewarding work continued for another couple of hours. A lot of semen still flowed, requiring repeated rinsing. Too, many stiff smelly socks had to be tugged from big reluctant feet. Full eggs awaited release. Open mouths beaconed stuffing. There was a lot of fun yet, but the novelty had worn off. And, we had already given our best to the early encounters. Those athletes are the ones from that night who remain most in our hearts and dreams.

Our employer let us know that the later visitors commented on the cleanliness and neatness of the muscular athletes arrayed along the bench. They relished the welcoming chrysanthemums of the strong bodies that gave their meat sticks such satisfaction. They felt they had received their money’s worth for the large sums they paid for access to those manly sportsmen.

He passed on only a little bit of the undoubtedly generous tips the corpses’ clients gave him.

He never learned of the crusty socks I continue to treasure.