1. Meatpie

    Friday 13 Morgue Guys

    Full sets in full resolution in our Secret Room. Lots of cold pale feet and tons of dead cock.
  2. Meatpie

    First Pictures of Dead Bodies at Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Site

    There were 280 passengers and 15 crew on board. Here are some exclusive images from the crash site showing their mangled remains. The plane was flying at roughly 10,000 metres before disappearing from radar. A Buk surface-to-air missile system captured by Ukranian rebels was used to take down...
  3. Meatpie

    Revenge Season 3 Finale: Emily Finds Aiden Mathis Dead with Eyes Wide Open

    Just finished watching the last episode of season 3...and I am horny as fuck! Barry Sloane dies with eyes wide open!
  4. phyzzique

    Wild prison scene

  5. todd00009

    Which Actor do you want to see strangled naked?

    BestDeaths is producing a Halloween special video where a trick or treating young man is lured into a psychopath's house, who knocks him out, strips him and strangles him naked... Which actor would you most like to see in this scene? 1) Alex the Underwear Model? 2) Tim the Innocent Student 3)...
  6. L

    Captured Commando Bound Tortured Strangled ...

    Amazing Scene ...
  7. Meatpie

    Chainsaw suicide

    Chainsaw suicide is extremely rare but not impossible as the below pics show. Hairy 39-year-old decided he had enough of life and cut his neck with chainsaw.
  8. Meatpie

    Vigilante justice in Brazil

    Residents of a small Brazilian town have taken justice into their own hands after a series of brutal street muggings last week. The robber was caught in the act trying to steal from a pregnant woman who screamed for help. Locals tied him up barefoot and beat and kicked him hard on the street...
  9. todd00009

    Cute Teen Actor TREVOR is strangled by the Masked Strangler

    Cute and popular, this 18 year old teen actor, Trevor feels the grip of the Masked Strangler in his newest video... more pictures and video here:
  10. Meatpie

    Two young brothers from Slovakia hang themselves on the same rope in Bulgaria 26-year-old Branislav Kolesar and his brother Marcel, 35 were found hanged on a tree in Bulgaria in the Rhodope Mountains on September 20, 2013. Born in Slovakia, Branislav had a a successful...
  11. higladius


    Good action movie with Sly Stallone, yes a lot are killed with a bullet to the head...plenty of killings. HIGLADIUS
  12. L

    Security Contractor Bound And Killed

    In My Blog ... This Amazing Scene ... Muscular Guy Captured Bound Tortured And Killed
  13. todd00009

    Hunter gets naked and stangles his old boyfriend

    This is an incredibly hot scene, as Hunter's old boy friend shows up unannounced... they both get naked, make out... then Hunter strangles his x to death.... More pictures and video on BestDeaths -- TODD
  14. L

    The Blog : Les Mecs De Cokto ( BDSM FETISH CHLORO BONDAGE HYPNO )

    My blog , updated every day Hypno , Chloro , Bondage , BDSM , FETISH etc ... For Example Amazing Scene From The Movie Called " HARD"
  15. todd00009

    Vampire murders

    We've had requests for Vampire Killings. In this week's episode of the classic underground student film DEAD BOYS CLUB... The Dead Boys Club visit Hollywood where they encounter a blood sucking vampire... Good fun and gory stuff! Plus the boys are HOT!!! Bonus scene: One of the boys is...
  16. Art Of War

    Hard (The Movie) Appreciation page

  17. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 5 Small Talk (draft

    Submitting a draft screen from a screenplay I am working on am asking for some feedback to see audience reaction. Scene 5 : Small Talk [Dante wakes up, his eyes hurting from the bright light and as his eyes adjust to the brightens he realizes he is on a bed, and the room he is in is roughly 8...
  18. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 4 Beinngings

    (Submitting this scene for my screenplay for some feedback, need to know if I am hitting the right tempo) Scene 4: Beginnings [Camera focuses on bathroom door, noises of shower can be heard through it, there is a fleeting shadow passing the door, seconds later the bathroom door opens and...
  19. todd00009

    Chad and Jake Return

    Two of my favorite straight BestDeaths victims are best buds Chad and Jake... In this video they visit the office of crazed Dr. Z... He knocks em out, strips them to their smelly jock straps, then strangles them to death... It's pretty hot!... Hope you like it... More pictures and video at...
  20. jiangzhu

    School students have been raped and murdered the scene photo

    Somewhere in the middle school students were raped and murdered and autopsy outflow some photos on the site. Is not new, maybe somebody seen these figure, but it is very precious, the female student is maniac adultery after being strangled...