1. Meatpie

    Beheading a dead dude in Syria

  2. phyzzique

    OMG Very fit dude was found in Rio Paraná

    CDG was found by fisherman. Shot at least 15 times fit victim was then gutted to remove the bullets and replaced with rocks to weigh dead dude down in the water so he would not float......didn't work
  3. todd00009

    Photo Collection of Very Cute Dead Guys

    Check out this collection of Very Cute Dead Guys - These are photos taken on the set of some of our film productions... Hope you like! --Todd, Film maker for
  4. StiffBoy

    ASS LOVER W.O.W !!!

    :totally hot: I WOULD F.U.C.K. ALL OF THEM ! Thumbs up to all of them Wow love it, Yummy!!! Which is your F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. :question mark:
  5. S

    Dead US Soldiers

    An oldie, but a goodie. Hopefully new material and not a repost.
  6. J

    Hit me with your best shot - the Syria collection.
  7. flores539

    Tranquilizer dart

    Mi primer post. Espero que les guste
  8. Meatpie

    Father hangs his children

    He couldn't afford to feed them = problem solved.
  9. stustustugoo


    phyz, happy happy birthday to you my bud!!!! you are a valuable asset to our community here and I hope everyone appreciates you here as much as I do! Have a great day buddy!
  10. M

    Crossfit trainer gunned down in class
  11. J

    Undressing a dead Body
  12. A

    First post from a killer !

    Hi mates, greet from Brisbane, Australia. I love this site. It's like my dirty little secret, a place I can express my fantasy :D. I always dream of killing a hot businessman in his suit. First, I want stab him real hard in the belly and while he's still trying to crawl away from my bloody hand...
  13. higladius

    Moritz Erhardt, Merrill Lynch Bank Intern, Found Dead 'After Overworking'
  14. higladius

    true blood higladius
  15. J

    Young Australian shot dead in the US

    He looked cute too...
  16. KiltedSoldier

    Somali Firing Squad

    Murderer executed by firing squad - had killed a journalist The firing squad is mixed militia and police, yes they and their drill looks sloppy, but they got the job done Second pic shows the shrouded corpse being taken away for immediate burial
  17. todd00009

    Meet Hunter a new BestDeaths actor...what do you guys think?

    Introducing Hunter, our newest BestDeaths actor. His videos premiere August 21st... What do you guys think of him? Is he a keeper?
  18. T

  19. Meatpie

    Female Autopsy Video

    More than 10 mins of uncensored autopsy footage on a young girl full procedure - opening and internal examination, available for download in our Secret Room with no watermarks. Join our group for even more videos and pics of dead women, we update every week all exclusive uncensored content...
  20. D

    I want to be hanged

    If any male interested write me a private message or a post here