1. S

    Ultra-Short Stories (100 words or less)

    Hey guys I thought I would start a small liberary archive type of thing going here for those who want short but sweet stories to fap to. This is open to all who want to post. So if you've got a short story you want to put in here go right ahead. So as I'm the first person to make the thread I'll...
  2. phyzzique

    Handsome 19 yo Andres Cabrera Cordero dies in car crash

    SAN ANTONIO – An early morning car accident on Sonterra Boulevard took the life of a college student who just turned 19. Andres Cabrera was a standout on the Reagan High School football team. Police believe he was heading to class when he crashed his car just a few blocks from home. A police...
  3. alexonedeath

    Ass on a Stick

    I didn't know which forum would be the correct one to post this photo in, but here's where I'm putting it. It just showed up in my email today, without any back-story...
  4. alexonedeath

    Kurt Cobain (purportedly)

    I did a search within CDG for "Cobain" and couldn't find anything, so... here are a couple poor-quality photos, supposedly of what was left of Kurt's head, post-suicidal gunshot:
  5. J

    The Beast...

    Hope you like...
  6. J

    Help posting pics

    Hi - I tried to load some pics earlier but was told I was an 'undefined' user and would need to log in before I could post. I had already logged in and am not sure why it was blocking me - I tried putting up pics as attachments, insert images and via the basic upload - none worked. I logged...
  7. L

    My Blog ( contains Straight French Men In Trouble .. and More ...)

    Hi , just have a look and enjoy .... Hypno , bondage , drugged , fetish , chloro , injected , abducted ...
  8. liamhere

    my morbidtech stills

    many more to follow