1. M

    Cook County Medical Examiner posts photos of unidentified dead bodies
  2. phyzzique

    CDG hacked to death with machete

  3. todd00009

    Young Medical Intern Strangled by a Crazed Doctor

    A young medical intern investigating the effects of Chloroform, experiences its effects first hand, when crazed doctor knocks him out with chloroform, strips him, then strangles him to death....
  4. alexonedeath

    More United States Civil War Dead (1861-1865)

    Former slaves collecting bones of soldiers killed in the battle of Cold Harbor over a year after the battle was fought. Confederate dead near the Dunker Church at Antietam (Sharpsburg), MD Possibly the most famous photo from Gettysburg - The Gettysburg Snipe - the dead soldier in this...
  5. N

    Another Autopsy

  6. O

    New blog

    This is my new blog, especially for you...or make manips PLEASE, NO COMMENT ABOUT CDG SUBJECT
  7. headsman

    The William Burroughs Reader we scored for some civil war uniforms and joined one of the warring powers - And captured five soldiers who were wearing uniforms of a different color and the General got drunk and decided to hang the prisoners just for jolly and we rigged up a cart with a drop under a tree limb - The...
  8. M

    The Guy Who Is Trying To Sell Photos Of Incinerated Cop Killer Christopher Dorner
  9. S

    Any guy with good photoshop skills wanna edit my picture?

    I have no limits.
  10. phyzzique

    CDG 26 yo Ramos da Silva assassinado

  11. phyzzique

    CDG 34 yo José Matias executado

  12. Meatpie

    A friend of mine has been murdered

    Sergey Fomin, one of Russia's most prominent forensic experts and a friend of mine has been murdered. Funeral on Valentine's Day in Moscow. I chatted with him a few weeks ago, dude was always kind he saw my play dead pics and at first thought I was a real corpse...asked about my cause of...
  13. V

    sleepy feet

  14. C

    Chloro , bondage , passed out ... straight and french male

    You Want to see more ?? MY FREE WEBSITE : And tell me what you think about , please ! Merci Vous voulez voir des mecs français et hétéros assomés , chloroformés ,attachés ,mis à poil et dépouillés ? Allez voir mon site web gratuit et dîtes moi...
  15. M

    Hidden CAM.

    Some pics I took of guys during my vacation. One of the guys may have seen the cam haha but he didnt say anything. Love taking secret photos of hot guys. Anyone else who has pics like these??