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    Dead Diaries

    A while back I freaked out over privacy issues in videos, so right now I just feel like posting photos instead. Maybe at some point this fear will pass and I will start posting videos again. Meanwhile I was shot in the head with my hands cuffed behind my back, and then my Dom, who lusts for my...
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    Forensic Patholgy Photos

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    Islamic State Weekend Mix

    Some pics are from Raqqa, Syria others we can't verify but quite possibly some are from Iraq.
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    Islamic State Behead Iraqi Soldier in Fallujah [BEFORE AND AFTER]

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    Botched Execution of Angel Diaz [AUTOPSY PHOTOS]

    Angel Nieves Diaz, a career criminal executed for killing a Miami topless bar manager 27 years ago, was given a rare second dose of deadly chemicals as he took more than twice the usual time to succumb. Needles that were supposed to inject drugs into the 55-year-old man’s veins were...
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    More than 50 Killed afterTransAsia Airways passenger plane crash in Taiwan

    More than 50 people are feared dead after a TransAsia Airways passenger plane crashed on one of Taiwan's Penghu islands a few minutes ago. :totalshock: At least nine other people were injured in the crash of the twin-engine turboprop plane, which happened outside Magong airport at about 7...
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    New Dramatic Images from Gaza

    Dramatic images from Gaza have shocked the world today as some sources say entire families have been wiped out by Israeli shelling. A shirtless boy injured by Israeli shelling clings to a hospital worker at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. He was one of four little brothers brought to the...
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    Join our Secret Room for incredible content you won't see on mainstream websites. We currently cover all international conflict zones from the the war in Syria to the ongoing islamists insurgency in North Caucasus. Our archieve is huge.
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    Three chechen rebels dead

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    Many Civilians Die in Ukraine Civil War 2014 [EXCLUSIVE GRAPHIC IMAGES]

    New powerful images from the civil war in Ukraine that mainstream media will never show you. True face of war.
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    Murdered handsome dude washes ashore

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    New Kurt Cobain Death Scene Photos

    During the past two weeks, new photos have been sporadically released of Kurt Cobain‘s death scene. None of the 16 total pictures released have featured shots of Cobain’s body, until now. One picture portrays Cobain’s left foot next to a box of shotgun shells in a paper bag, while the...
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    Russian Morgue

    Very old set.
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    Diphallia dude shows the world his two cocks

    A young man posted photos of his double cock on the internet a few days ago and has now generated thousands of comments. Most people thought it was fake until his case was picked up by large media organizations in the US, dude even gave interviews and doctors confirmed it can really...
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    19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev dies during police "experiment" in Ukraine [MORGUE PHOTOS]

    19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev dies during police "experiment" in Ukraine [MORGUE PHOTOS] Young healthy 19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine was arrested two weeks ago after he attempted to rob a woman in the town of Zaporizhia. During a police "field experiment" on...
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    Naked dead women photos

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    Vigilante justice in Brazil

    Residents of a small Brazilian town have taken justice into their own hands after a series of brutal street muggings last week. The robber was caught in the act trying to steal from a pregnant woman who screamed for help. Locals tied him up barefoot and beat and kicked him hard on the street...
  18. Octave

    Strangling, Hanging, Choking.

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    Exclusive death photos of drowned British gangster Patrick Molloy, 28 from Cambridge

    Patrick Molloy, 28, from Cambridge had a criminal record in the UK and was jailed for a violent assault outside a bar last year. After he was released he went on a vacation to Thailand with his mates where he drowned after trying to escape local men who were chasing him with knives. A local...
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    Autopsy Room

    Everyone is so happy and excited! :rulez: