1. BlackWorld

    Three bandits killed after shootout with the police

    Handsome men just can't seem to keep themselves from troubles... :frown:
  2. Meatpie

    PHOTOS: Chaos in Kent as 200 are injured in 100-vehicle pile-up on the Sheppey bridge

    A 100-vehicle pile-up on a bridge in heavy fog today left eight people seriously injured and 200 with minor wounds in what witnesses called ‘carnage’. The incident on the new Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent started at 7.15am and continued for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into...
  3. jon_b

    Dead Bridge Jumper shows us his cock

  4. K

    KO meet in Southern California

    Looking for willing & sexy sub guy(s) for KO session in SD on Saturday Sept 7
  5. todd00009

    Photo Collection of Very Cute Dead Guys

    Check out this collection of Very Cute Dead Guys - These are photos taken on the set of some of our film productions... Hope you like! --Todd, Film maker for
  6. StiffBoy

    ASS LOVER W.O.W !!!

    :totally hot: I WOULD F.U.C.K. ALL OF THEM ! Thumbs up to all of them Wow love it, Yummy!!! Which is your F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. :question mark:
  7. tempra

    A Group For Who Loves Play Dead

    A new private group for who loves play dead. To join this group you need send at least 03 photos about yourself or someone (man or girl) playing dead in morgue with toe-tag. You don´t need show your face or full nudity. If you no answer in 05 (five) days the membership request will be...
  8. D

    My Latest Stabbing Video

    Here's a still from my new video. The clip is about 245 mb - 4 minutes plus an additional four minutes of outtakes. Here's the link to the dowload: Frank
  9. jon_b

    An ancient mystery

    Study these vintage photos carefully....... Each has a single bullet hole in their forehead...... There are two empty glasses on the bedside cabinet - both test positive for arsenic..... There is a gun beside the dead girls hand..... The mystery is.... Was this a suicide pact? Did each drink...
  10. T

    Russian Autopsy A new one to me, I hope its not a repost. Btw are there many autopsy photos in the secret room?
  11. stonefree

    Some good pics of my collection 2012 08 - 2013 08
  12. jiangzhu

    Dead Women [crime scene photos]

    I hope foreign friends like it
  13. Meatpie

    21-year-old European athlete autopsied after sudden cardiac death

    Only 21 but already 187 cm tall, 86 kg / 6.13 feet tall, 189 lbs We have incredible morgue and funeral photos of this athlete, dude doesn't look himself after death. Autopsy ruled "sudden cardiac death" but his family refuse to accept and ask for investigation. More details, more photos, video...
  14. Octave


    — This boy thought certainly that it had the qualities to be a erotic or porn model. But it was not the case. He was not the beauty we can find in magazines but I didn't want to sadden him. I took some photos and I was distracted by his body. Even if it was not a top model, I wanted to touch...
  15. Meatpie

    Summer 2013 in New York City [AERIAL PHOTOS]

    All of these spectacular images were taken by aerial photographer Jason Hawkes in summer 2013.
  16. jon_b

    Valdecir M. Andrade age 16

    Valdecir M. Andrade died aged 16 when he was shot in the neck, the chest and the abdomen. He was declared dead at the scene :shock:
  17. todd00009

    Montage of BestDeaths Death clips for 8.14.13

    Some really good ones this week... Chad and Jake pay a one way visit to the morgue... The underground Thrillermaker classic SATURDAY is finally (legally) released... Deathbot STAN finally gets his revenge by stranging his master... and more....
  18. nastypigslave


    Pics of a buddy of mine hanging for the first time.