1. Caronte

    Music videos of Hot/Cute guys being resus...

    If you kow any other video like this, don't be shy and post it...
  2. Art Of War

    Questions and Information Request about Bulgaria for Meat Pie To Answer

    Created a place for you members requesting more info on Bulgaria. I shall start first. Meat Pie, What was it like growing up in the 90s in regards to the collapse of Yugoslavia and the conflicts that came afterwards? How did your country take it? What were the impacts on your country and its...
  3. phyzzique

    Just a quick roll in the hay before I call policia

  4. Meatpie

    Fit 30-year-old murdered in Brazil

  5. Meatpie

    Girl brutally run over on zebra crossing in Ivanovo, Russia

    Ivanovo is a city 254 km east from Moscow. No info on victim's fate.
  6. J

    Hit me with your best shot - the Syria collection.
  7. todd00009

    NEW THRILLERMAKER video this week (a double strangle!)

    This is the first BRAND NEW Thrillermaker production in many years... The strangles are realistic as always... more pictures and the video can be found at The name of the video is: THRILLERMAKERS "Do Not Disturb"... Its a tale of death and revenge and features a DOUBLE...
  8. higladius

    Steve Grand New Country sensation "all american boy" enjoy. Higladius
  9. phyzzique

    Sweet young Feliciano assassinado

  10. J

    Dead Soliders Wristwatches.

    Anyone on here beside me that likes dead guys watches?
  11. M

    Forensic examination of certain sexual offenses USSR 1989
  12. Meatpie

    • CDG EXCLUSIVE • Young naked guy hanged upside down on a ladder and butchered

    Video just in from Mexico. Full uncensored version availabe for download to our premium users. Dude is alive before getting butchered like a pig stark naked.
  13. Meatpie

    27-year-old jumps from a pedestrian bridge in Sofia a suicide attempt but survives. Lover's Bridge is a popular suicide spot in Sofia but because it's not very high most jumpers survive. There are several suicide attempts every year.
  14. Meatpie

    Stryker Autopsy Saw

    Stryker Autopsy Saw
  15. metalmachine

    Kombo Kolombia - Band Killed in Mexico

    Mexican authorities from the state of Nuevo Leon have now concluded rescue efforts, and have identified 17 bodies of members of the music group Kombo Kolombia, said official sources. Out of all of those died, 13 of them were members of the group who played an instrument, one was from Columbia...
  16. S

    Anybody work with or around dead bodies

    just want to know if anyone here works around dead bodies. what is it like? how would you describe the smell of an autopsy?
  17. R

    Gut Punch & Abs Tortures

    Hi, I'm new here. I like gut punching and abs tortures. To be gut punched, tortured and crushed. Here my contribution: Gut punching video "Garage Workover 2", full lenght 40 minutes action.
  18. T

    young boy autopsy video
  19. verlup1

    Super Hunky David Wilson commits suicide

    I wish I could see his hot corpse.
  20. Meatpie

    Teachers at a Roman Catholic school dance Gangnam Style half naked in YouTube video

    Teachers at a Roman Catholic school have been accused of undermining pupils’ respect for them after they filmed a spoof of the pop hit Gangnam Style complete with half-naked changing room scenes. Staff including the headmaster performed...