1. Meatpie

    Young guy jumps from blocks of flats in Vladivostok and lands on car parked below

    Dude called a local radio station telling them he was about to jump from the 14th floor of a block of flats in Vladivostok, Russia. He did and landed on a car parked below, the impact killed him instanly.

    Autopsy on young man showing all his BOWELS!

    This dude is very sexy and has a good muscular body. The doctor cuts right down his belly and ends up holding his bowels!
  3. phyzzique

    Bound and thrown in river

    Looks like vic was thrown in the water when he was still alive
  4. E

    Dead US Marine

    I don't know if this is has been posted yet. Sorry if it's a repost. I haven't seen it here, but I used to have the unwatermarked photos. Sorry again. He was stationed somewhere in the Middle East around 2005 when he was killed and his dog tags taken from a terrorist group, Army of Ansar...
  5. M

    garotted semi nude in ancient china

    seen in the net
  6. R

    autopsy of cute guy

    Not sure if you guys seen this. But here it is anyway.
  7. verlup1

    Dead Taliban on display
  8. satanic-cumshot

    HOT ARMY AND TERRORIST-New War Footage From my Country

    warning graphic fucking terrorist Monkey
  9. SoldierTom

    oldie - dying chechen rebel
  10. Tiff

    Dead guys in the morgue (IDK if this is a repost) hope you all like
  11. Badbloodz09

    Arabic man tortured to death in morgue/ strong muscle arab died

    1. here's the link 2. hope it's not repost :aha::teddybear:
  12. Meatpie

    Morgue Tour

  13. M

    some nice hanged men 2

    some more
  14. R

    War crimes in Sri Lanka

  15. F

    Maggots Eats Mans Brain While ALIVE

    a guy came to the hospital with a extreme head ache I thought he was dead, until I heard the doctor, ask him a few questions and he responded!
  16. rickyd26

    10 Very Dead Bandits Before and After!

    10 bandits were killed in a police operation in Kabardino-Balkaria. This photo was taken when they were alive and proud: The video of their corpses after police visit:
  17. JValdez


  18. Meatpie

    Pale dead guy from Syria

  19. Meatpie

    Car slams into a road roller
  20. Meatpie

    Motorcycle Wreck in Turkey