1. robtheheartboy

    Cute speedo guy autopsy I hope htis works, as you would all very much like this video. It's on liveleak though :( I hope this is not a repost (for the new site anyways)
  2. Meatpie

    Insane new video - dude gets fried ontop of a train

    Apparent suicide. Dude is instant corpse (steak). India, what an insane country. Even more insane than Brazil. Notice that there are passangers in the carrige as dude croaks ontop of the train. Also impressive how his head caught fire seconds after he was electorcuted...
  3. Darkside

    autopsy guy

    video posting later in secret room , so get posting everyone to gain entry
  4. lvsoldier

    Who's know "Warlord47" in liveleak

    Who know? I waiting for him for many yrs. I want Clip from him.