1. Meatpie


    1. A Late Discovery
  2. Meatpie

    Face skinned

  3. Meatpie

    Dream Autopsy Body

  4. Meatpie

    Teen with throat slit

  5. Meatpie

    LiveLeak will stop hosting IS Beheading Videos

    Ogrish also knows as LiveLeak is a mess after James Foley's beheading. The owner, Hayden obviously didn't sleep well last two days because he was under pressue to remove the video after people accused him of spreading Islamic State propaganda. Yesterday LL was a white page all day after...
  6. J

    Rural bodies scattered
  7. J

    Sniper hit in face
  8. J

    3 truck drivers executed...

    I like the one in the yellow shirt...
  9. fuck yeah

    Al-Qaeda Show - Burning Slaves Alive !!

    I hope I join Al Qaeda one day :frown:
  10. fuck yeah

    chechen torture
  11. stonefree

    Classic repost - Can you download the clip

    ROTA Kills 9 deleted by youtube still can be found here
  12. J

    Sniper - tight jeans - gets it...

    Go to 1:10 in - nice tight jeans...
  13. Meatpie

    MORGUE VIDEO: Brazilian soccer referee beheaded by angry fans A soccer referee in Brazil was gruesomely quartered and beheaded after he fatally stabbed a player on the field during a match. The match took place June 30 at Pius XII stadium in Maranhao, northeastern Brazil. 30-year-old player Josenir dos...
  14. bninnc

    Mob hang Syrian policeman from scaffolding

    A mob of Syrian protesters catch a plainclothed "policeman" and hang him from the scaffolding in his underpants while everyone pulls out a mobile and videos the death.
  15. StiffBoy


    :flex::no idea: The commander of the Free Syrian Army Encouraged by recent successes on the battlefield, said that he is ready to meet with military officers from the regime of President Bashar al-Assad to “discuss how to keep order in the country” Should Assad give up power ? *Click image...
  16. Tecpatl

    Singing dancing execution

    OK, now for something completely different. A guillotine execution as some kind of Bollywood/Arabic musical, complete with singing head in the straw. If you could use a bit of laugh ...
  17. F

    Rude, brutal and sadic gay porn movies

    Can anyone suggest me good gay porn movies title with some rude, brutal and sadic actions? Not just a common sm session: I'm looking for some punching, kicking, spitting and slapping action. It would be grat if in the movies the bottom guys starts starts crying in pain in front of camera.
  18. StiffBoy


    :no idea: The story of a dead GIRL who been RAPE ! Real or false ? *Click image to FIND OUT ?... Lol peace...!
  19. Meatpie

    Dead soldier with sexy underwear

    Ultimate humiliation for a tough fit soldier.
  20. phyzzique

    Soldiers learn survival tactics in cold weather