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  • Hey Man,

    Ya, our session was awesome. It was actually my first time and I don’t think it could have gone better. It was incredibly hot. For me, the role play part of it is essential and New Yorker and I were able to do a lot of back and forth and really come up with an awesome story and scenario. He was great about being able to incorporate all of my ideas and needs. We made sure that each of us would get something out of the session. Very egalitarian. And it totally worked. And yes, he took some incredibly hot photos. :) I’m glad you l8ked the script!

    Good luck if you two meet up. It could certainly be a good time!
    Hey, my name pretty much says it all and I want my face to be blue for a while. I have VERY few limitations, and if ur interested in choking me, hit me up here or on yahoo (Nirvanafan201) I'm really easy going and LOVE to be choked as much as possible!
    hi, I love ti immagine me killed by a bullet or blade in heart or to watch other man killed in the same way..want to meet me online and tolk about our preferences?
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