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Nov 19, 2011
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These are jerk-off fantasies that I find very erotic.If you do also, then you are as twisted as I am. They do not define anything about who I am as a person. Actually, I’m a pretty nice guy. I do not advocate the use of drugs (except poppers, whose effect is something like the rush of a meth hit, or so I’m told) and is therefore presented only in the context of a fantasy. The use of drugs as a means of heightening the sexual experience is used only to increase the erotic effect of these leather-death-sex fantasy plays.

(fantasy 1)

Bill, his brother Preston, and their buddy Mark were in Mark’s motel room. They had just copped a half kilo of Philly monster, a high grade of slightly purple meth. The sale of this acquisition was the current topic of discussion. They were making up user-size doses of the crystal and placing it in small bags made by cutting the corners from sandwich size baggies. Each was called a “quarter-t” because the weight was a quarter gram. They had been doing meth together for over a year and were just starting to sell larger quantities. Their heavy usage of crank had begun to show its effects. They were all thin, sallow-faced, and were starting to become paranoid. The fact that they were gay meant that they had good connections in the gay-sex-meth community of the large city in which they lived and would be good at disposing of their latest buy. They had already made their first few sales to friends and acquaintances. Their latest sale was eight quarter-t’s to a friend of a friend, a particularly hardened and violent meth user named Tim and his boyfriend Cody.

Bill, Preston, and Mark were into leather and they all wore it. Their gear was much the same, heavy black motorcycle jackets and boots. Bill wore thick black leather pants, tightly fitted to his slim body. His brother and Mark both were in the habit, when not leaving the motel room for long periods, of wearing heavy chaps without underwear. Bill was a dominant top, while the other two were versatile 50-50’s. Their chaps, when worn without anything else, made impulsive sexual couplings easy. Bill would either fuck Mark, who had a nice thick 8 inch cock, or his brother, who was less well-endowed with a 6 inch tool. There were also other possible positions that could come into the play. The odd man out could enjoy a rousing and very enjoyable jerk off session while watching.
They all had guns. Bill wore a holster on a belt with a 6 inch .38 caliber revolver, slung low around his hips, while the other two carried .38 snub nose revolvers in their zippered leather jacket front pockets.

Tim and Cody had been into meth and leather for a while, and their sex was becoming exponientally more violent. Tim and Cody carried .38’s in holsters on low slung belts. Cody’s revolver had an 8 inch barrel for more accuracy. They role played killing each other several times before initiating a rough fuck with Tim on top and Cody being his conquest. After finishing a double hit of the high grade crank, they had a particularly lengthy group of role play shootouts and spent almost three hours fucking, sucking, and spitting on each other’s leathers while jerking off. Cody was pretty wired from the session but was still amping his brains out when he suggested to Tim that they should take all of the meth for themselves. As a bonus, they would get to kill and fuck the three dealers, which would be really fucking hot, according to the way Cody put it. Tim smiled, showing his yellowed teeth, and said “Sounds great, bro.”

Tim and Cody hit the last of what they had just copped from Bill, which was another double shot for each of them. The complete body rush was almost incredible. It was as if they were electrified and sexually charged. They barely managed to get the syringes out of their arms as they watched their hard cocks swell again to their full length. They slipped their jackets on, pulled the belts tight, and zipped up. They left the motel room and went to the stand of trees across from Mark’s room, about ten feet across the concrete drive from the large frame window of the target. Tim and Cody pulled their .38’s and got behind trees about five feet from each other. Tim looked at Cody, spit on the ground and said “Ok, ready, dude?” Cody nodded, looking at Tim and smiling with his still white teeth. Tim shouted toward the motel room”Hey Bill. This is Tim. Me and Cody were thinkin’ we’ll take that crank off your hands. You just toss it out the door and we’ll let you guys live. Fuck. We’ll even leave you some.” Tim even managed to sound magnanimous.

When Tim and Cody took up their positions outside Mark’s motel room, there was a kid named Roy copping some hits of speed in the room with them. Roy was new to the meth scene and did not have a gun. He wasn’t into the violent psychotic side of his addiction yet, although he was into leather. Roy looked like a model. He had clear skin, white perfect teeth and was wearing his brand new highly polished horsehide biker jacket, leather pants and medium length boots. He and the others had just gotten off on hits of the crank while sitting on the floor out of sight under the curtainless big front window. They were all body rushing from the hit and had just put their leather jackets back on and had zipped and dressed out in their leathers. Cigarettes had been lit and they were just beginning to enjoy the cock rising body rush when they heard Tim’s ultimatum.

They all looked surprised when they heard Tim’s demand. Pres stared at Mark and spit on the floor and said “Mark, let’s fuckin’ kill ‘em both now!” Mark looked back at Pres and said “Stay down and get into position so we can surprise them.” Pres had done a double shot of the shit and was over-amping, completely buzzed by the body rush and his leathers made him feel bullet-proof. Without thinking, Pres just stood up about two feet back in the middle of the window and pulled his .38 out of his jacket. Mark yelled at him – “NO Pres, get down!”
Pres started shooting, blasting through and shattering the big plate glass room window. Pres only stopped after he had emptied the snub nosed .38. He stood there, wondering the gun stopped firing although he was still pulling the trigger.

While he was still dry firing the .38, Tim stepped out enough to make the shot, held his gun horizontally and said “Here, Pres.” Tim shot Pres exactly between his eyes. Pres started squirting out his load of punkspunk and spit a big wad of spit through the broken window. All of the guys in the motel room had seen the bullet exit from the back of Pres’s head through his long hair in a small stream of blood and brains. Pres finished cumming as his eyes glazed over and his body fell through the window. He was stopped by the window sill and his dead body ended up hanging halfway inside and outside of the window.

After Pres took Tim’s bullet, Roy stood up, shouting that he didn’t have a gun and literally screamed “Don’t shoot me!” He slammed out of the front door and started running to the right, away from the room. Cody shot Roy three times through the back of his shiny new leather jacket. Roy spun around instantly, but instead of looking at his killer, he looked down at the front of his leather jacket. With a surprised look on his face, he spit down the front of his leather and started jerking his body back and forth, shooting out the last load of spunk his young body ever would squirt. Tim and Cody both enjoyed watching his reaction to Cody’s bullets. Roy fell after emptying his load of deathcum. His body ended up face down on the concrete.

Mark pulled his gun out and crawled across the floor to the corner and slowly stood up. Hidden from view by the wall. There was a narrow window in the corner just to Mark’s left. He planned to use that window to get a bead on Cody. Bill’s target was Tim. Tim had killed his brother, so this was very fucking personal for him.

Cody took a quick look at the front of the room and saw Mark’s chrome .38 coming up in the corner window. Cody ducked back behind the tree as Mark fired three shots where Cody’s head had been. Unfortunately for Mark, before he could get back to the space between the small window and the wall which had been his cover, Cody slipped back out from behind the tree and put three .38 caliber bullets through Mark’s leather jacket. Mark grunted loudly and stood still, starting to shoot his death load. This allowed Cody to shoot him one more time, this time through his left eye. Mark’s thin leathered body hit the floor before he stopped cumming, leaving him to finish his load between his leather and the carpet.
While Cody was exposed, smiling while he was making his kill shot on Mark, he gave Bill enough time to aim and put three bullets through Cody’s upper chest and one in the middle of his forehead. Cody said “Tim” and began pumping jism out of his four inch rock hard tool. Cody spit and dropped forward, hitting the ground while still shooting his load. Cody’s hips kept thrusting up and down after he was down.

Tim Yelled at Bill,”Hey Bill. Let’s call this off and split the crank between us. How’s that sound?” Bill shouted back “No way you fuck! You have to answer for doin’ my brother.” Tim said “Ok, dude. Holster your piece and winner takes it all.” Bill said “Ok” and stepped from his cover with his gun still drawn. Tim didn’t expect this and as he got his piece out of the holster and was bringing it up, he got Bill’s bullet between his eyes. Tim got off three reflex shots and stood still, shooting cum inside his leather pants. His cock was pointing straight up inside his leathers. His deathwad shot up inside his leather jacket. He continued to stand as he watched Bill fall forward with one of his bullet holes in his forehead. Tim dropped over as he watched Bill’s body hump the ground, pumping out his death load into his leather pants.

(fantasy 2)

Joe and Chase wanted to kill Tim and the members of his crystal meth operation in order to get all of his supply of their latest supply of crank. They both fired double hit quarter-t’s into their arms to get aggressive and violent enough to pull the job. No one in Tim’s place would get out alive.

Tim knew they were coming. He got out a load of crank and set up fine double hits in five sets of works. They all took off their leather jackets and fired the hot shots into their veins. Almost immediately they were all experiencing extreme body rushes. Their cocks were all hard as rocks as they put their leather back on and got ready for the shootout.
Joe and Chase had set up behind cover outside Tim’s cabin. Tim’s plan was to sacrifice his guys first. He told Roy and Cody to get down behind wood crates for cover. Tim stood against the wall just to the right inside the window. Roy got behind the wall just on Tim’s left. Cody got down behind one thin three foot tall crate on Tim’s right. Both of them are a few feet behind him. Mark got behind a tall crate to Tim’s far right, a little farther behind him.

Joe was behind a tree and Chase was behind a three foot thick wood panel. Chase stood up a little and he and Joe started shooting through the big window.

Tim ordered Roy to shoot Chase. Roy stood up and made quick 3 shots at Chase. He ducked out of range, facing the cheap sheetrock wall, Chase fired five bullets at the spot he figured Roy would be. Chase’s bullets penetrated the wall and all five went through the front of his leather jacket. Roy spit very heavily on the wall, shot a load of deathcum from his hard cock sticking out of the front of his chaps and emptied his gun at the floor He dropped to his knees and then fell over with a blank stare on his face.

Cody said “Spit!”, hawked and spit on the crate in front of him and leaped up in a two handed stance and started firing rapidly at Chase. As Cody fired his fourth bullet, Chase shot him in the middle of his forehead. Cody looked very surprised and showed his teeth. Cody spit again, grabbed his cock that was standing straight out of his shiny new chaps and in three quick pulls, he shot a load of spunk, fired once at the wall by Tim and fell forward. His body dropped forward and hit the floor just a couple of feet from Tim. Cody’s gun was still in his hand.

Mark took the chance to get Chase while he was exposed shooting at Cody. He stepped out in a two handed stance. Joe stepped out and put one bullet between Mark’s eyes. Chase started laughing and said “Perfect hit, Joe”. Mark looked blank, rolled a big wad of spit out of his mouth and managed to say “ Ohhhh. Mark’s big thick hard cock started shooting his load on the floor as he fell face down. He continued to pump spunk for a minute after his body hit the floor.

Tim grinned and swung into position and fired once and ducked back to cover. Chase’s upper head was exposed as he was laughing and Tim’s bullet nailed him square between his eyes. Chase stopped laughing, stood straight up as if he was a soldier standing at attention, his body completely rigid, spit weakly so that the spit ran down his own leathers and grabbed his stiff cock inside his leathers. Chase shot off a big load of spunk inside his leathers, said “Oh…oh….uhhh” and fell over the railing. His body ended up hanging halfway over the railing in front of him. He was still holding his piece.

Tim yelled “It’s just us now, Joe” and Joe stepped out and aimed at Tim. Tim smiled as he targeted Joe right between his eyes and they fired at exactly the same time. Joe and Tim shot each other between the eyes at exactly the same time. Tim’s expression quickly changed to a death stare. His body spun in a 180 degree turn so that he was flat against the wall. Spit started to roll out of his mouth as he dropped his gun, grabbed his rock hard cock inside his leathers and started working out his deathload. Tim continued to shoot his hot spunk as he slid down the wall. Joe’s body jerked back and forth reacting to Tim’s bullet between his eyes. He spit a big wad of spit down the front of his leathers. His big cock spurted thick gobs of his hot whit thick spunk inside his leathers as he fell forward and hit the ground.

(fantasy 3)

His name was Joe, and he was used by the methamphetamine operation that employed him as a a killer to take out the competition. Joe was twenty-two. He was tall, blond, with a muscular build, almost slim. He worked out in his personal fitness room and spent a lot of time at the private gun range that he had set up near his cabin. He was dressed as always, in full bike leather with boots and wore a well-used Walther PPK .380 caliber semi automatic in a quick release holster on a black webbed belt. He always carried a cound suppressor with him, just in case a quiet and discreet kill was necessary.

Joe thought for a while about the best way to handle the project. Tim’s crystal meth distribution operation was small, but he was very good at what he did. He recruited young guys who had his same inclinations, that is to say, leather, meth, aggression, and who possessed a willingness to be submissive to his dominant personality. The punks that he had acquired, to this point, were familiar to Joe. He had seen them around the area, and he had met them. Tim was similar to Joe in body size, although his hard body was thinner and wider at the hips and he wore his hair long enough to reach his shoulders. Tim’s choice of weapons was an S&W model 22 .45 caliber revolver with a 5.5 inch barrel. It was loaded with 230 grain full metal jacket ammo. He always wore the gun in a holster in a quick draw rig, which hung low, around his wide hips. His boyfriend was a younger kid named Mark, who was nineteen. He had long hair like Tim’s. Tim was twenty. Mark was somewhat passive, a perfect match for Tim. Tim was fiercely aggressive when the situation called for it, but he a significant amount of charm that he could turn on whenever it was needed. This helped him recruit young guys for his growing business. Tim’s business was the sale of meth to his select list of gay customers. Crystal meth was popular in this area, largely due to the poor economy, the length and severity of the winter season, and the lift it gave to the depressive personalities of its users. It also served up large amounts of aggressive behavior and violence. It was not a business for the weak. It was also not a business in which a dealer should be a user. Tim felt that he could handle both, and it had begun to show. The first thing that the casual observer would spot was “meth mouth”. Tim’s once white teeth were now slightly yellowed, and his sour smelling breath was a complete giveaway. Mark had also used it for some time, and was acquiring all of the conditions associated with long-term crank abuse. His level of aggressiveness has escalated, and it now entered the sexual aspect of their relationship. Their encounters were violent, highly charged sexual liaisons, with Tim countering with his own vicious tendencies. Mark had begun carrying his gun full time. When he had chosen his own piece from the sack of weapons that Tim had hidden away, he had carefully picked up a Taurus model 85 and grinned at his boyfriend. The model 85 was a .38 caliber snub-nosed revolver with a pink, pearled grip. Mark was always one to be different, not in an effeminate way, but just to show his personal choice of something that no respectable killer would have as his weapon. The gun suited Mark perfectly, and he carried it in the right front zippered pocket of his leather jacket. When he and Tim were practicing, he would always grin at his partner when he took it out. His choice of ammo was the 110 grain fully jacketed bullet.

The third member of the operation was an eighteen-year-old kid named Cody. Tim had recruited him, with free hits of crank in exchange for some hot sex. Mark didn’t mind. He would sit and jack off while watching the two go at it. Cody had an S&W model 37 in a holster he wore on a wide belt around his waist, trying to look a little like Tim. The piece was a .38 caliber revolver with a four inch barrel, and while it wasn’t the big .45 Tim carried; Cody had learned to shoot quite well, which made the size less important. His loads were identical to Mark’s, 110 grain full jacket. All three of them had a few kills to their credit, with Tim boasting the largest number, eight dead from his previous encounters..

Their newly recruited fourth member had been hitchhiking when Cody stopped his bike along side the road to check him out. Roy had been wearing his leather jacket, pants and boots and it was this along with his age that had made the stop necessary. Cody had chatted the kid up and found he was perfect for their growing enterprise. He wasn’t very smart, and that made him a good prospect. The lack of experience and no conscience were two requirements of a prospective member. Everything else would come easily. Cody brought him home to Tim’s place, an isolated three-room house that was located a good distance from the prying eyes of any neighbors. Tim had immediately taken a liking to Cody’s choice. The kid was cute, eighteen, and innocent. He had quickly put his moves on him and found him to be very receptive to the attention. Cody, Mark, and Tim all fucked him within the first few hours of his arrival at the house. Roy liked all of the dudes because they genuinely seemed to like him, his leather and his boyish looks. Roy enjoyed sex muny times with all of them that first night. By the second day, it was apparent to Tim that the kid would stay and join them in their business venture. Tim had also turned the kid on to crank that first night, and taught him how to shoot it up. The kid found crank, leather, guns, and sex a hot combination.

The second night, Cody had selected a gun belt, holster and a spare model 37 for Roy’s first rig. This was a real fast draw rig with a lace for Roy’s leg at the bottom of the holster. Roy really loved the feel of the rig, and of the lace tied around his leathered leg. It made him feel powerful. The drugs fueled this emotion.. Roy didn’t join in until Tim kissed him and said, “You look great in that rig, kid.” Roy beamed a toothy smile at his new friends. “When will I get to use it, Tim?” Roy asked. Tim said, “Soon, dude. But I have to teach you how, first.” Roy, pleased with this answer, smiled even more, like a child with a new toy. Roy played fast draw for hours while he was all cranked up.


Chase was his last name, and everyone called him by that. He was Joe’s partner. It was that likely no one knew his first name. Chase was a brutal, vicious twenty-one year old punk. He hated everyone and everything. However, he was very special to Joe. Chase was not only his boyfriend, but Joe was the only one he would let fuck him. And, if there was anything that could be said about him, there was one; he really liked to kill dudes. Chase had a few boyfriends of his own that he fucked on a regular basis, and was especially cruel to them. His own special brand of sex with a guy was very animated, with Chase swearing, brutally fucking, punching, and directing the action all the way to a shattering climax. Joe was hard when he spoke to him, and that was just to let know he needed to come by for a quick job. Chase sounded excited at the prospect of a kill, and said he’d be there shortly.

Chase was wearing his rig, a Taurus model 82 .38 caliber revolver in a belt and holster with tie down. They drank a beer as Joe laid out the night’s work. When he said that they were going to take out Tim and his boys, Chase suddenly got this evil, stupid smile on his face along with an immediate pulsing in his already hard cock. He said to Joe; “He’s the one that has that fuckin’ kid that works for him. You know, the punk kid that fucked with me at the bar last month. You remember, Joe. The shorthaired little kid with the fuckin’ attitude. What was his name?”
“Cody, his name was Cody, dude. You thinkin’ you gonna enjoy this?”
“Yeah, I’ll fuckin’ enjoy killin’ the little fuck. I’m gonna really enjoy fuckin his dead fuckin body” Chase said as his cock throbbed and strained inside his leather.
Chase’s face became a mask of fury and sexual intensity as he smiled a chilling and evil smile, his face reddening in pent-up sadistic anticipation. Joe and Chase decided to ride their bikes directly to Tim’s place at dusk in order for them to arrive after dark, but still early, maybe six-thirty.

Tim saw that the sun was going down. He called to his men to stop working for the day. They had been cleaning up the brush around the house and cutting firewood. They were still buzzing from their earlier hit of meth, but now it was time to start drinking. All four of them sat around the table in the front room. Tim took a chunk of dope and started chopping it with a razor blade. When he finished, he split the powder into four lines. The two for Tim and Mark were considerably larger than the ones for the younger guys. They all used spoons and cotton and fresh syringes to shoot the crystal meth. Roy choked a bit and stopped for a moment, but spurred on by his companions, and the beginning effects of the meth, he finished pushing the plunger all the way down and his total body rush hit him. The taste of it was beginning to creep down his throat. His spit became thick, and the quantity increased. He had to spit badly, and he looked at Tim. “Can I spit on the floor?” he asked. Tim laughed and spit and said, “Sure, kid, it’s ok. It’s the crank. It does it every time. Sometimes I gotta spit ten times to get it clear.” Roy cleared his throat and spit a large gob on the floor. Everyone applauded this rite of passage. Cody grinned at him and reached over and pulled his wet lips to his and began deep tongue kissing him. Roy started to swoon, become lost in the rush of the meth, and the sexual lust that was coursing throughout his entire body. Mark pulled Tim over toward him and spit on Tim's leather. Mark nodded toward the other room and smiled. Tim looked at the two kids and said, “Why don’t you dudes head for the couch and Mark and I’ll take the bedroom?”


Joe and Chase had arrived at the chosen spot near Tim’s house and parked their bikes. They were both cold from the ride, but their cocks were still rock-hard in anticipation of the approaching kill. As they approached the house, Chase suddenly stopped in his tracks. Joe looked at him and saw that same evil smile. He said, “What’s up?” and Chase said, “I just got the fuckin’ hottest idea. Wait ‘til you see how I take out the fuckin’ punk kid. You’ll like this.”

Chase approached the front door with his .38 drawn from its holster. As he got to the door, he raised the gun and positioned the barrel to point directly into the peephole and knocked.

Inside, Cody and Roy had moved to the black leather couch. Cody had switched his pants for a pair of highly polished chaps, skin tight that revealed his beautiful tight-cheeked ass. The two were swapping spit and working each other’s throbbing cocks. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Cody as so buzzed from the sex and the crank, he just slipped off the couch and went to answer the door. As Roy watch his lust object lean in and put his left eye to the peephole, outside, Chase, in complete darkness, saw the light flicker in the lens. He quickly moved back and when he heard Cody scream he fired his .38 through the viewer hole. He waited and when he heard a soft groan, he reached to open the door.

Cody had been trying to see the person through the lens with his left eye, Roy was watching him when he Cody scream “NO!” and heard a shot from outside. Roy saw a short spurt of blood and brain squirt from the back of Cody’s head. Roy’s body tensed as he watched Cody stagger two steps back and start spurting strings of white punk-spunk. Cody was blowing his load even though he had a bullet hole through his left eye. Roy stood up, his hard cock sticking out of his leathers and looked at the opening door. Chase swung the door outward and looked at the sight of Cody, standing still and looking blank, his cock shooting every last gram of punk-spunk toward him. Chase smiled and said, “Cody, I guess you were really happy to see me after all,” He spit a big wad in Cody’s face. The spit ran down Cody’s face and the front of his leathers. When Cody finished emptying his load, he fell face down through the doorway, landing face down on the sidewalk. His hips hit the doorsill, holding his hot pink cheeks sticking up out of his chaps, providing a perfect, raised, fuckable ass. Chase reached down and rolled Cody's body halfway to one side and wiped some of his jism on his finger. Chase smelled the young kid's starchy and pungent cum smell for a minute or so, completely enjoying the erotic moment. He stroked his cock inside his leathers and groaned with extreme pleasure. Chase looked at Joe and said, “That hot ass is all mine when this is done.” Joe nodded.

Then Chase caught sight of Roy holding his hands up and looking surprised and scared. He faced Roy and sized him up. Roy pleaded to Chase, saying,”Please don’t kill me. I just met these guys. I didn’t know anything about any of this.” Chase answered, “You got a rig on. That means you’re ready to fast draw on another dude. If you don’t make your move I’ll kill where you stand, quick draw boy.” Roy said “Tim was gonna teach me tomorrow.”
“Too bad” Chase retorted, “but you’re gonna get your first lesson right now” as he spun his piece around his forefinger and dropped it into his holster like a pro he was. “Make your move, punk. You get to make the first move. I’ll wait for you.” Roy was shaking, but his cock stood straight out of his leathers, throbbing and rock hard. Roy said, “ I don’t want to do this. Let me go. I’m not a gunfighter.” Chase answered angrily, “Make your move now or I’ll just fuckin’ kill you right where you stand, faggot. Go ahead, kid, go for it. You got no fuckin’ choice. Make it now, Punk! DO IT!”

Roy made a move for his .38 while Chase drew his .38 and fired three 110 grain bullets through Roy’s jacket in a perfect v-pattern, one in each nipple and one through his belly button. Roy never even cleared leather. He showed his perfect white teeth and looked down at the bullet holes in his chest and gut. He spit on himself and started pumping out strings of punk-spunk. He looked back at Chase, who was watching him slide slowly down the wall as he left a trail of blood streaks from the exit holes in his back that followed his body’s descent. His face changed to a look of surprise as hit the bottom. His dead body stayed flat against the base of the wall as his eyes glazed over and his head tilted to one side. Chas maintained that evil grin of his, his cock throbbing more intensely now that he had two kills and no relief yet. He had to blow a fuckin’ load soon.

Joe had been letting Chase take the lead, since he seemed to be having so much fun, killing these kids. But he also knew that Tim and Mark must be in the bedroom. They were probably fucking when the shooting started and were now waiting for the action to get to them. Tim had been fucking Mark in his shiny black leather chaps and jacket, but when the shooting started, he had pulled his cock out of Mark’s ass and it now stood straight out of his leather pants, hard as steel, still slick and shiny. Tim moved over to the right of the door, along the wall. He flattened himself against it and watched as Mark unzipped his jacket pocket and pulled his pink pearl handled snub nosed .38. Mark’s lips were parted, showing his upper teeth as the door slowly opened. Mark had moved to the left of the door into the shadows just as Tim had done. The bright light came only from the area of the bed, and that was what Chase was focused on as he slid carefully and silently into the room. He advanced slowly, scanning tha room from left to right, but he could not see anything in the shadows to either side of the bed. As he turned his body to the left, he exposed his front side to Mark. Mark fired his pink gripped snub nosed .38 four times very rapidly. Each one of Mark’s bullets found it’s target in the mid-section of Chase’s leather jacket. Chase showed his teeth in a face of pain and surprise as he fired one shot. His left hand came up to cover one of Mark’s bullet holes in his leather jacket .His shot was wild and splintered the floor. He fell back against the wall and let out a loud groan as Mark waited for about fifteen seconds, with an impassive look on his face, raised the pink .38 and fired once more. This bullet nailed Chase in the middle of his forehead. His entire body began to convulse, but his hips began to pump, in a sexually charged way. He felt hot gobs of ejaculate finally explode from his engorged throbbing cock and felt warm fluid easing it’s way down his right leg. He slid quite rapidly down the wall, leaving trails of blood behind his leathers. He ended his fall when he hit his knees and pitched forward, face down, continuing to pump white sticky fluid into his leathers in his final death moves.

Mark was so entranced by the scene he had just created that he was stroking his spit-slicked cock, lost in the erotic kill, that when he finally noticed movement at the corner of the door, Joe’s laser sight was making a small red dot on his forehead, it was too late for him to react. Joe had slipped the silencer on his .380 so all that was heard was a soft pop when he fired. His bullet left a small round red hole in the center of Mark’s forehead. Mark got off a shot from his .38 at the floor and actually said the word “Oh” as his wide hips began working in a pumping motion. His eyes glazed over in a death stare. White silvery gobs and strings shot out of his big flat cock without any assistance from his hands, which he had lowered to his sides. He first dropped to his knees, but just for a second or two. His body then fell forward, crashing to the floor, still ejaculating after he was down.

Tim was also transfixed by the sight of his lover/boyfriend’s face with a bullet hole in his forehead that he lost that important second or two that would have allowed him to make a kill shot on Joe. Tim was standing at a slight angle to Joe. As he swung his body to see who had fired the bullet, Joe fired and Tim got one .380 round exactly in the middle of his forehead. Tim stood completely still for almost a minute with Joe’s bullet hole perfectly centered in the middle of his forehead..His expression was absolutely blank. Joe watched him carefully since the .45 was still in his right hand. Tim stayed totally still, eyes staring, and after another twenty seconds, his big cock started exploding with gobs of silver white spunk shooting three feet out on to the floor. When Tim stopped coming, he continued to stand perfectly still. Joe holstered his .380 since he figured Tim was dead, even though he was still standing. He looked back at him just as Tim fired his .45.

Joe got Tim's fully jacketed .45 through the middle of his leather jacket. He jerked back while looking surprised and showed his teeth. He reached for his swollen cock inside his leather pants and used both hands to bring an explosive ejaculation in just three pulls. His come burst inside his leather pants and rolled down his left leg. Joe dropped to his knees still staring at Tim, who was still standing. Joe said “Why the fuck don't you fall? You're fuckin’ dead.” Joe spit and his body fell forward and crashed to the floor. Tim stood for another half a minute after Joe fell, spiit again weakly so his spit just dropped on to the front of his leather, then fell stiffly straight forward in a delayed drop over, his solid, body crashing to the wooden floor..


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Very nice!!

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I'm so crazy about this guy's stories. It's as if he's almost reading my mind and writing down my hottest shooting fantasies. Sometimes I like to go to his gallery and gaze at the photos of all the guns he owns, and imagine them being the last thing I see, held in his hand as he squeezes the trigger... especially that hot little black .380 automatic. I've lost count of the number of times I've pleasured myself while imagining him dropping me with that nasty little bitch of a gun.