1. stustustugoo

    something to ponder and laugh about

    a straight friend of mine who is aware of my necro thoughts but does not judge me because he's so cool made a comment to me the other day saying that basically people here are simply modern day ghouls!! LOL not that I haven't said that to myself before:eek:
  2. Meatpie

    Egypt is slipping into civil war and may become like Syria

    Egypt's military is not doing enough to negotiate with pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators, leaving the country at risk of slipping into civil war. At least 40 people were killed today in clashes outside a military building in Cairo where supporters of the former president were holding a...
  3. stustustugoo

    it better stop

    whom ever it may have been that somehow obtained my home phone and called me lastnight and identified themselves as a CDG member and threatened me for no apparent reason had better quit, your screwing with the wrong family here!!!!
  4. JacobFuller

    Soldiers in Cammos Killing with Bayonets, Sucking, Fucking, and Dying

    As I cleaned my rifle, the silvery glint of the morning light reflecting off the bayonet caught my eye. A good soldier keeps his bayonet clean and I wasn’t about to be a bad soldier. It was a cool morning across the valley. Buck, Kenny and Billy are my fellow rifleman. It was our job to...
  5. G

    Nervous newbie

    I have been around for a while but been far too nervous to chime in. I figure it's time to shit or get off the pot so to speak. Rather than try to figure out a way to introduce myself, I figure I will just transpose my first interaction from the group Bagged and Tagged to here as a sort of "Hey...
  6. Tecpatl

    Singing dancing execution

    OK, now for something completely different. A guillotine execution as some kind of Bollywood/Arabic musical, complete with singing head in the straw. If you could use a bit of laugh ...
  7. S

    I was brutally raped and then...

    beheaded...the guy then shared my picture with his friends and they laughed at my corpse...
  8. phyzzique

    Have a laugh

  9. Tecpatl

    Serial killer suicide note released

    The FBI just released the text of the blood-soaked suicide note of serial killer Israel Keyes. It's really more of a love poem to killing people: Your wet lips were a promise of a secret unspoken, nervous laugh as it burst like a pulse of blood from your throat. There will be no more laughter...
  10. phyzzique

    Film 'Evil Laugh'

    With hot-looking blond
  11. todd00009

    The Dead Stare

    I don't usually post in this section.. hope I'm in the right place, cause I'm talking "reality" here, not "fantasy"... I'm Todd, a film maker over at BestDeaths and usually post in the Dead Guys in Movies section... I need some opinion, and maybe some reference pics to support the opinion. My...
  12. jon_b

    Hunky robber with toy gun

    Cute and dead...he pointed a toy gun at tourists to rob them..but was shot dead by an armed policeman. Playing with toy guns can harm your health!!!:confused: He died after being hit by 4 bullets :this isnt happening
  13. M

    Short Story: Baby-dick Tyler

    Tyler woke up with raging morning wood. It was only five and half inches, on a good day, but you take what you can get. He'd had a couple girls laugh at him. But then again, he'd had a couple girls that didn't seem to give a shit, and he'd railed the fuck out of them. Pulling back the covers, he...
  14. J

    Strangulations Galore!!

    Shirtless strangulations :eek:
  15. higladius


    A play with deadboyfeet after the strangling, continued the foot play, toe tagged and body bagged. Enjoy. Higladius.
  16. phyzzique

    Santa Claus

  17. gibing


  18. G

    What really GRINDS YOUR GEAR?

    Pet Peeves..Everyone has got them. Post them here. For me it's when you invite someone over and they sit there and "text" for the entire time they are supposed to be visiting you...RUDE. People who use the slang words: "Dat," "Crib," and "Dawg," When people point out mis-spelled words and...
  19. G

    Taking Down the Cutie -- A Story of Perverse Love

    Part I I slowed the car down. There was a slight jerking halt, but overall, it was pretty smooth sailing. I reclined the seat back, I slide a pair of sunglasses down over my eyes, and shifted in my seat to hide an obvious erection. Ethan was across the parking lot. He leaned over a rail...
  20. headsman

    The Right Feeling

    Henry picked up his phone and greedily entered the phone number he needed to text. A hot guy with bruises under his tank top had whispered the number in his ear as he left the locker room. Anybody who paid attention in the locker room would know that Henry liked getting wacked around. Most guys...