1. barryds


  2. C

    London Sub

    Hey guys, young looking 35 year old, north London, interested in chatting to and meeting with guys looking to explore their dark side - maybe even relationship :-) Snuff play, executions, knives, guns, strangling, hunting, gear
  3. C

    Gay sub. Guns, knives, hunting, execution, snuff.

    London...anyone interested :-)
  4. chainsawjockey

    cops make great mest

    All these years hunting a serial killer he never thought he would be his Final victim .he was huge at least 6/8 tall gruff bear build wearing a Rubber apron and boots .The young cop tears streaking Down his Boy band looking face realised his taunts in the papers worked To well .he saw all the...
  5. C

    London Gay Passive

    Hey Guys, looking to chat with any Active guys interested in exploring the darker side of sex and relationships. Bondage torture drinking blood, playing dead, execution role play master/slave, especially guys into hunting and pig sticking etc :-)
  6. C

    Gay sub. Guns, knives, hunting, execution, snuff.

    Looking to chat with likeminded Top/Active guys in London or UK
  7. Meatpie

    Sergey Pomazun kills six in Belgorod, Russia 'because someone had scratched his car'

    Six people were killed in the Russian town of Belgorod on Sunday after a gunman opened fire in a central street, reportedly in anger that someone had scratched his car. Belgorod police are still chasing the suspect, named as 31-year-old Sergey Pomazun and had not yet established the motive...
  8. S

    DZHOKHAR HIDING IN BOAT These still pics and video shows Dzhokhar (infrared imaging) hiding in the boat under the tarp covering. Video is near end of article.
  9. yourtrophyhead

    Hunting humans

    Hmmm, since I'm a Democrat, maybe my head will someday end up on a trophy room wall afterall!!!
  10. R

    Seeking Hunting Game in EU?

    I have a beautiful body and a particular fetish ... I'm excited of being considered delicious meat ... Role Playing, & hunter prey, capture ... preparation ... If you are interested please contact me ... Best if you are equipped and hospitable with places for hunting and preparation scenary.
  11. yourtrophyhead

    American soldiers posing with thier kill...

    Hope this isn't a repost.... Smiling soldiers hold up this kid's head like they just got a buck during deer hunting season.
  12. StiffBoy


    :totally hot: Twenty Six Million People Murdered in German Concentration Camps!" Throwing like garbage !
  13. metalmachine

    Soldiers and their trophy

  14. ArrowMan


    :rocks3: Can never tire of makin' ANOTHER jack ta this... :fast jerk::load::load::load::load::load::load::load::load:
  15. phyzzique

    Why so few people are left-handed

    Right-handers have long accounted for 90 percent of the population, and scientists may have figured out why Only one out of every 10 people are predisposed to favor their left hand instead of their right, "a ratio that has remained constant for more than 5,000 years," says Rick Nauert at...
  16. P

    Calling All Kitsap Sickos

    Hello. 19 year old chubby beige guy, not necessarily looking for a hookup. Just like-minded people in my area. For friendship... And hunting. Role-play maybe. Definitely hypothetical conversations though, love those. However if you are thinking romantically, I am a Necro, sadist, cannibal...
  17. ArrowMan

    Ready to carve

    WAY so manmeat horny prime :yummy2:
  18. Choke_Me!

    Interesting Movie Review Site

    I was blog hunting and found this It's a neat little site with a lot of short reviews on a wide verity of different types of movies. I think the author has impecable taste and he's actually pretty funny. I spent quite a bit of time there today and really enjoyed it.
  19. NecroHeadfucker

    Watchers 3 - hot decapitation

    These stills are taken from the 1994 American film "Watchers 3." It's a sequel to the other two movies that came out. In this one, a group of soldiers are hunting for the monsters. In the beginning, there was a very HOT white guy who was cocky and tried to rape the female soldier. The monster...
  20. deadboyfeet

    Role playing this weekend

    A friend of mine is comin to Chicago to play with me. Any requests for pics of me dead? We will be restricted to a motel room. So we are limited to what we can do. I might be able to hang by my neck though. :) :hang:
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