1. R

    I was castrated in July, my castration site, looking to meet guys into castration

    I had myself castrated in July in Mexico. Since then I started a castration site on reddit since my castration didn't cure my obsession with being castrated. Here's a good place to start, an interview I did with Dean, who was castrated by his father for being homosexual in 1970...
  2. R

    Father castrates homosexul son in 1970's Deep South

    https://www.reddit.com/r/castration/comments/7os6dc/qa_deans_castration_in_1970_for_homosexuality/ Dean was sent to a psychiatrist by his father, and after a month of therapy they decided to castrate him after a long and thorough brainwashing. This is a graphic, in-depth detailed interview...
  3. Meatpie

    Does Tom Daley shave his legs?

  4. D

    Malice, A series i will be posting and would like your honest revue.

    this is an intro to a much longer story that will help me brush up on my writing skills in a fun and entertaining way and I would like you to read it and give me your honest opinion as I post it so that I can improve future segments and refine my skills. I would appreciate being told everything...
  5. Art Of War

    Should Countries Be Allowed To Ban Homosexuals Entry Into Their Country?

    Gulf states to start ‘medical tests’ to ‘detect’ and stop gays trying to enter country http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/10/09/gulf-states-to-start-medical-tests-to-detect-and-stop-gays-trying-to-enter-country/
  6. F

    Very important questions

    I joined here yesterday by finding a Chechen murder video on google that I have not scene before. At first glance I thought that this forum was gore based, but after a few minutes of searching I need to ask several important questions just to know what is what. Please do not take offense to...
  7. phyzzique

    19 yo Jose Castelo morto

  8. Meatpie

    Reaction formation in gay necrophiles

    I started reading books by Sigmund Freud when I was 11. Honestly at first I had no idea what he was talking about. But I read it again. And once more for a thrid time. My mother caught me and told my teachers. They were all surprised "Jesus Christ this is rare. How can you give him such books...
  9. P

    snuff stories without sex, yes or no?

    How do you feel about stories that include death/snuff but no sex? Since I don't have a dick I have no idea what it feels like to get a blow job, jerk off or do a guy up the ass, so I can't imagine that my stories would be full of sex. I wrote one story and posted it here, but nobody seemed to...
  10. metalmachine

    Gay kills Boyfriend in Love Day

    Edvanio Pinho Pereira, 46, homosexual, that he burn to Erick Patrick Vila Flor 36 years of age in the love day*. Erick was 70% burned body was rescued by the SAMU Team and forwarded to the Regional Hospital Dantas Biao,but his injuries induced him to death. *(In Brazil, the love day is on...
  11. Craigie Boy


    As far as I know, there's only one poem by a prominent English poet which is currently banned in both the US and the UK. It's called "The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name". It argues that Jesus of Nazareth was a homosexual and it was written by James Kirkup in 1976 and published in the Gay...
  12. J

    Dennis Nilsen's Hidden Talents

    Dennis Nilsen has been translating science textbooks in braille to help blind children; suck on that, society. http://www.themorningstarr.co.uk/2012/03/25/homosexual-necrophiliac-serial-killer-helps-blind-children/
  13. D

    Fags are disgusting!

    I hate fags. Everytime I see a gay I wan't to bash his head in and shove a knife up his ass. I can't help it. They would probably enjoy it too. Extremely disgusting and unnatural. What do you think?
  14. A

    A Nightmare on Elm Street part2 (1986)

    Hi all, I have a new gallery up for A Nightmare on Elm Street part 2 from 1986. This is one of my favorite movies, it is probably the queerest "mainstream" horror movie made in the 80's that I've seen. The homoerotic and homosexual subtexts in it are hard to miss. Here is the link:
  15. phyzzique

    I L♥ve Hammocks

    Patrick 17 anos drogas, gay, morto
  16. dw72

    Black Leather Death

    A 55-year-old homosexual male (unemployed) was found dead in his friend’s apartment. The victim’s body was suspended in a special metal construction by legs, hands, and neck. The apartment looked like a sadomasochistic workshop/studio. There was a special cage for a “slave,” a special electric...
  17. phyzzique

    Carpe Diem!

  18. B

    Young Russian Cannibal

    ST-PETERSBURG - Murmansk Police arrested a Russian man suspected of killing and eating a man he met on a gay website, said Monday the Regional Committee of Inquiry. The suspect 21 year old said he had met his victim, 32, via an electronic site for gay dating, said the press service of the...
  19. baretarget

    Boy 15 yo executed

    This happened in Brasil. Drugs were the reason, I don't know the details. Before and after....
  20. satanic-cumshot

    Homosexual murdered by father and his son-mexico

    stoned with a rock and then hanged