1. Brian2012

    The Arena

    Collection of chapters from days at the arena. Chapter 1. The Spartan Celebration It was a special day across the Land of Octavia, kingdom was excited as the ruler had declared another grand event in the arena. King Bartek was a ruthless ruler whose army raided nearby lands to capture...
  2. Brian2012

    The Dahmer Stories

    A thread with stories as if Dahmer was never caught and active in the modern day. It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods and the first few chapters will reflect real life kills Chapter 1. The Beginning Jeffrey Dahmer was struggling on the inside, it was taking him a...
  3. S

    The dead adventurer

    A young adventurer was travelling through the countryside. Only his lower half was clothed, wearing leather boots and pants with a prominent belt buckle. His upper half was completely exposed, showing off his muscles and smooth, hairless skin, barring a scabbard that contained his large...
  4. biggerguy11

    Big guy cannibalised alive

    So I have a fetish which involves some kind of serial killer guy kidnapping me and either killing me and eating me, or eating me while I'm still alive. Do cannibals go for guys my size, or do they prefer leaner meats? And are there people who are into doing those sorts of things to guys? Thanks
  5. Meatpie

    Boy found dead eaten by dogs in Ufa, Russia

    9-year-old boy went missing from his home....horror for the parents now his body was found two days ago eaten by dogs. Link to news source:
  6. L

    Muscle Guido gets his abs bitten off by shark

  7. Meatpie

    Man eaten by rats received in morgue

  8. B

    Dark fantasy in texas

    Looking to be forced to a sucluded location, striped naked with all my stuff destoryed in the camp fire,. I want to be bound, shaved clean from head to toe, gaged, guted, splited from ass to out of the mouth and cooked and eaten. this is a fantasy of mine, but alittle ify on it really depends on...
  9. B

    Looking for people in Texas that like choke and hang play

    I live in a small town outside in the country, not many people know im into this kinda thing and IM seeking people that like to hang and choke people for their kink or fun. Im not looking for death, im just trying to find a top that likes this kinda stuff. But I do dream of being shaved from...
  10. Meatpie

    Boxer eats yellow foot of rival during match

  11. jon_b

    Definitely Male

    Bloated, blistered and decomposing dead body, partly eaten by fish, was found in a river, snagged up in branches. Identity unknown Cause of death - unknown Clothing - tight yellow shorts (only) Gender - from the swollen genitals bulging inside the tight yellow shorts - definitely male Outcome -...
  12. Meatpie

    Young man found dead naked on beach

    Beauty face slightly eaten.
  13. Meatpie

    Policia find dead joven in a field with cock area eaten away by wild animals

  14. Meatpie

    Dry feet

    Dead feet for one year all the meat eaten away by insects.
  15. Meatpie

    Burnt & eaten
  16. B

    Midnight munchies

    Yall know..smoked some then got kinda hungry.
  17. I

    cannibal fantasy - except I'm the meal

    Where do I belong ? Prolonged and detailed fantasy of being washed, prepped stuffed , buttered, roasted then eaten.
  18. Meatpie

    Dead man received in morgue with face eaten away by rats

  19. W

    Disposal of your body

    I just read a comment here and someone mentioned that " would have to be a closed coffin..." and got me thinking. When I was a kid I went to several funerals with open caskets and could never figure out why they did that. I wanted to remember them the way they looked when I last saw them...
  20. StiffBoy

    C.A.N.N.I.B.A.L. HOLOCAUST ( S.c.r.e.e.n Shot) ...!

    :totally hot: The men you will see eaten alive, are the same men who flmed these incredible sequences. But not the one who did :aha: this montage <Stffboy> CRUEI BARBARIC AUTHENTIC The most brutal and savage images of all times...! Making porno sex for his last time...! *Click A.L.L...