1. W

    Being pissed over by 4 soldiers in uniform

    I love the idea of being tied to a camp bed naked and being pissed over by four uniformed soldiers, then they rub the piss in with their leather boots and wank over me, coming all over my own hard, throbbing cock!
  2. todd00009

    Jake is strangled naked in bed

    Our newest actor, Jake, is taking a shower.. he steps out and is chloroformed... He wakes up tied up, naked to a bed and is seduced by a perverted psychopath wearing a doctor's outfit...who then strangles Jake with his bare hands..... This video is HOT!!!!!!! Hope you like it :) Name of video...
  3. todd00009

    Two collge buds chloroformed and strangled on a bed.

    In this hot video, two college buds are chloroformed and strangled on a bed.... Two College Buds Are Chloroformed Then Simultaneously Hand Strangled In Their Underwear On A Bed --
  4. Meatpie

    Young man with great body found cut up in car trunk

  5. veryblah214

    Young man accidental autoerotic hanging death

    Many of us here have experienced the pleasure of a breathless orgasm, but very few people actually understand the incredible risk of autoerotic asphyxiation. Such was the case for Devon, who will never again know the ecstasy of hanging. Devon just turned 26 and had been particularly...
  6. todd00009

    Strangling a naked college guy

    A hot college freshman is taking a shower after a sweaty work-out... suddenly he is chloroformed by his equally hot roommate... he is laid on a bed naked (implied)...then brutally strangled to death.... Name of Clip: Showering Freshman Is Brutaly Chloroformed Then Dragged To His Bed And...
  7. phyzzique

    24 yo Ivanildo de Souza assassinado

  8. Rex

    Desire part one

    Theo slowly woke up, he looked around and even though his vision was blurry, he could tell the room was empty of anything but him, and the light overhead. Theo blinked a couple times to refocus his vision. He looked around at the white walls and cold cement flooring to see if there was anything...
  9. N

    good / bad act

    patient_is_knocked_out_stripped_and_strangled_in_his_briefs_by_shirtless_doctor is the one of new in store of, but the victim action is very bad.... out_of_control_hazing_two_more_pledges_are_strangled_on_a_bed is best :winner:
  10. N

    Victim wanted in SF Bay Area

    Are you a submissive guy in San Francisco Bay Area or nearby. Like playing the "victim"? Want to play "dead" for me? I love CSI and other kinky scenes. Send me private message with age and location. Also love KO scenes. All ages welcome.
  11. jon_b

    19 yr old dead in bed

    Francisco Diego da Silva age 19 was found dead in bed after a heavy drinking session :dunno:
  12. phyzzique

    CDG Raimundo assassinado

  13. phyzzique

    Nice looking 19 yo Jonata Sobrinho felled by twleve bullets in his bed

  14. Tecpatl

    Tender Death, a story of killing and necro love

    Nick didn't want the boy to be afraid as he died. But he had to die. That was decided in the white hot lust that passed between them when their eyes met. In the exquisite perfection of the boy's body beneath his clothes. Such beauty must not be allowed to fade. So he bought the boy a drink and...
  15. StiffBoy

    HE N.E.E.D. A GOOD BATH & HOT K.I.S.S...!

    :totally hot: Get the party started,thank you Mmmm love it...! *Click image to continue... :totally hot: LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX BABY ! Mmmmmmm f...k me.. *Click image to continue...
  16. metalmachine

    Unknown Man Stabbed to Death

  17. BondageFanatic

    Extremely well equipped dungeon in Sacramento

    Me and my partner enjoy capturing and torturing willing bondage masochists in our extremely well equipped dungeon in Sacramento, CA. Three room dungeon includes virtually every type of bondage furniture. Hoist; upside suspensions to my favorite, pulling arms up until you are dancing on your...
  18. phyzzique

    21 yo CDG Marcos dos Santos Souza with nice death pose

  19. Badbloodz09

    Formalin and plastination

  20. Octave


    Mr T. had no news from his son for two days. The young man studied for two years in Vienna, in a law school. One evening, Mr. T received an email telling him that his son had been kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded a five hundred thousand euros ransom if he wanted his son stays alive. Mr T. had...