1. phyzzique

    Two Bad Boys in Pickup Truck

    My Fav:drool::drool:
  2. Electroboyuk

    Electro torture to death 666 ritual

    Getting more and more desperate to suffer electro torture to my balls for Satan (and for s good sadist). Here's the setup I REALLY want. Bare spring coil mattress on floor, I'm tied to it. Electricity from mains running through a rheostat so the voltage and ampage can be controlled. Balls are...
  3. C

    Drunk snoring cousin

    yeah so i went to a cousin house i have not seen in a long while not and one of his friend ended up drink MUCHHHH so they but him on the bed i was sleeping on .
  4. ropetrick

    Iran public hangingL Youtube, so be quick

    Full public hanging at dawn in Iran Turned off stool violently, hanged from crane, knot ends up in front under his chin, struggles for ages. 10-minute video
  5. Y

    From Crime scene to morgue

    Older man awoke in the middle of the night. This is the result. If is repost my apologies. I tried to do a search but did not see it. "] [/URL]
  6. seawz999

    guys out of life

    crime lost
  7. S

    bed strangulation
  8. metalmachine

    Facedown on bed

  9. Meatpie

    Strong earthquake rattles Bulgaria

    Struck right at 3.00 am in the dead of night, it was horribe and I felt sick. M5.9I jumped out of bed and felt absolutely nauseous. I got terribly dizzy, lamps were swinging violently from side to side, I ran in the corridor and couldn't walk properly. Entire house was shaking. Everyone was...