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Feb 1, 2010
Theo slowly woke up, he looked around and even though his vision was blurry, he could tell the room was empty of anything but him, and the light overhead. Theo blinked a couple times to refocus his vision. He looked around at the white walls and cold cement flooring to see if there was anything around to give him a clue as to where he was, but to no avail. The door was the only way in or out. Goose bumps covered is flat chest and bony arms as sweat sat on the rose vine tattoos that snaked down his arms, giving the flowers a morning dew effect. He stood up and brushed off his body. He was in nothing but his black thong. He had gotten them because one of his online clients had a bi fetish for them and Theo wanted to make him happy so he would pay more. He checked his body for any cuts or bruises but found none. He took a few steps to loosen his body and get his mind clear. He remembered going to the underwear store to get the thong and went to the bar to meet up with his friend Damian. They had a few drinks but everything else up to this point is a blank. He went to the door and quickly poked the door handle. Nothing happened, no electric shock or burned finger. He made a mental note to stop watching so many horror movies. He slowly turned the handle and pushed on the door a little. The door was unlocked. Either this was a stupid joke that Damian had played, (not that this was hobby that Damian did on his free time) or this was the worst kidnapping ever. He pushed open the door and walked into what looked like a cheap hotel room.

There was a twin bed in the center of the room with something under the sheets and a small coffee table next to the bed with a folder on it. The only source of light was the roof mounted light over the bed. The room lacked windows and two other doors marked the exits of the room. Theo starts over to the far door across the room when the door behind him slammed shut. Theo turned to try to open it but it was lock now. He heard a faucet turn on and off before the door to his left opened, and an average height man walked into the room. “It’s about time you woke up, I was worried the drug had been too strong for you” said the man. He wore a black button up shirt with blue jeans. He appeared to be in his mid twenties like Theo.” Who the fucks are you and what the fuck are going on?” spoke Theo as he stared into the man’s eyes. They were a rich bright violet color, in contrast with the man’s sable black hair. “You can call me Jack and I am here to help you Theo.” The man knew Theo’s name. “How do you know my name?” Jack pulled a card from his back pocket and flashed it at Theo.” It says it on your driver’s license, besides I’ve been watching you for a while now, and you are a very interesting man.” Theo took a step towards his abductor but stopped when he noticed Jack reach behind his back and pull out a handgun. “I’d be careful if I were you, I don’t want to hurt you, besides is this anyways to thank me for giving you what you always wanted?” “O yes, because getting drugged and kidnap was on my wish list for Santa this year.” Spoke Theo. “That’s funny, cause I thought Damian was your Biggest wish?” said Jack. A look of surprise overtook Theo’s face. “With all the pictures and journal entries and stories you write on your, I was under the impression that Damian was the one thing you always wanted.” Jack walked to the coffee table and took the file and tossed it in the air. Papers and photos filled the air as they drifted down all over the room. Theo snatched a photo out of the air. It was of Damian passed out on Theo’s couch. Damian would go to his place after drinking a lot since Theo’s apartment was closer to the bar then his own house. The photo showed Damian with his shirt pulled up, revealing his nice abs and dark nipples. His bellybutton covered in a thick happy trail. His shorts were pulled down allowing his cock to breath and his thin layer of pubic hair to dry off. Theo had taken this one a few months ago. He picked up a couple of pieces of paper. One was a journal entry from his computer from a few days ago. Theo talked about his nervousness from showering with Damian at the gym. He had to focus away from Damian so that his cock wouldn’t turn into a springboard. The other paper was a short story he had written about his fantasy of coming over to Damian’s and finding him dead from erotic asphyxiation, his body limp with a cord around his neck from his pull up bar. His eyes glazed over and staring into his demise as his tongue bulged out his mouth. Or Theo, working as a paramedic, coming to a scene of a crime a finding Damian with a bullet hole in his forehead, slumped in a plastic chair. Theo dragging is body to the ground and stripping him to look for other wounds. “Accidently brushing his limp cock with his hand. Jack’s voice pulled Theo out of his shock. ” The One thing that always puzzled me was in all your dreams and stories are that you always found Damian dead. “Said Jake as Theo rushed to pick up all the papers, feeling as if Jack had violated Theo’s soul and Theo had to protect his fantasy from prying eyes.” Then I realized why, you couldn’t bring yourself to kill him, even in your dreams. You were at war between your desire and your morality. You would never be able to fulfill your greatest desire. Now I have never had that obstacle. I always did whatever it took to reach my desires. I wanted to have all my family’s money, so my parents died in an “accident” and I inherited their fortune. I wanted a girl that my best friend had, so I got him drunk and he passed out on the railroad tracks and was run over while his girlfriend found my shoulder to cry on. I taught myself how to hack even the most secure computers and one day I hacked yours. I saw how awful your life was s because you were never able to have what you most wanted. So I decided to play Santa Claus this year and Grant you your wish.” Theo froze mid step as he processed what Jack just said. He turned and looked at Jack then at the bulge under the bed sheets.” I’ll give you some alone time” a grin broke across Jack’s face as he walked out the unused door on the other side of the bed. Theo went to go after him but the door was locked. Jack must be able to control the locks on the doors electronically. Theo set the papers and photos onto the table and walked over to the bed. He pulled back the comforter and sheet revealing the upper half of Damian’s body.

His eyes were open and stared empty at the roof, the tip of his tongue bulged out between his lips as single drip of saliva had slid down his cheek. Theo checked for a pulse and found none. He gently pokes one of Damian’s eyes and nothing happened. Sweat formed on Theo’s forehead as he contemplated what to do. He checked the door that Jack had entered from but I was locked too. He couldn’t leave. He walked over to the bed and uncovered the rest of Damian. His friend’s body was naked except for the tong that Damian had bought so he could be kinkier with his weekly one night stands. The thong was white and the fabric was so thin that it might as well been transparent. Damian’s cock bulged against the thong, as if trying to escape his owner’s death. Damian weighted about 170 pounds and was defined as opposed to Theo’s 140 pound bundle of sticks. Theo’s fingers gently ran along Damian’s chest and abs. comparing their bodies was like comparing the Rocky Mountains to deaths valley. Theo pinched Damian’s hard nipples then he gently kissed them. The smell of citrus from Damian’s body wash filled Theo’s nose as he gently kissed Damian’s neck. Theo’s cock popped out the side of his thongs, as for some of the action. Theo stripped off his thong, his cock stiff. He climbs onto the bed and kneels over Damian’s head. Grabbing the back of Damian’s head, Theo thrust his cock into the gaping chasm, pushing back Damian’s tongue with Theo’s cock and balls. Damian’s eyes stare at Theo’s bellybutton as Theo pushes his cock in and out. Theo let go of the head let it fall back onto the pillow. He gets up and walks to the end of the bed, pulling down Damian’s thong and letting his 8-inch cock spring out. Theo engulfs Damian’s cock and suck fast and hard. Damian’s small patch of pubic hair tickles the roof of Theo’s mouth as Theo tongue plays with Damian’s huge sac. Theo had always been envious of how low Damian’s balls hung. Theo remembers how they swung like a pendulum as Damian showered at the gym. Damian caught him staring one time and asked if he wanted a lick of them. Theo told him that they looked unnatural and they looked like wrecking balls. After a few minutes, Theo sat up and grabs Damian’s legs and lifted them into the air, resting them on his shoulders. He pulled Damian’s butt cheeks apart to find a whole cover with a thin carpet of hair. Theo did the three finger test and Damian could take all three. Theo knelt on the bed and rolled Damian over, feeling his nice firm ass; Theo thrust his cock into Damian’s ass and fucked him a new hole. Theo moaned with each trust and screamed as his cum exploded all over Damian’s inside. Damian rocked back and forth with each trust. It was hard then Theo had thought to fuck a dead guy. He rolled Damian back over and licks his armpits, savoring the taste of sweat and old spice. He gave Damian one last kiss on the lips.

“Well that was pretty exciting to watch,” Comes a voice from behind Theo. He turns to find Jack standing in the corner of the room.” You have wanted to do that for a really long time?” “You have no idea” said Theo as he caught his breath. “So now what” asked Theo, “you going to kill me now that I seen your face?” “Now you are going to go back in the room you woke up in as I clean up your mess.” Theo walked into the other room and waited for Jack to kill him. There was no way he could leave alive. About thirty minutes later, the door opens, Theo hiding behind it to jump Jack, but to Theo’s Horror, it isn’t Jack that walks though the door but Damian.

Part Two tomorrow