1. livingdeadman20

    a video of me explaining how i like having my penis sucked

    I rerecorded this video a while ago :P it's of me explaining how i like getting my cock sucked :P but i only like being sucked off by other guys (no girls). i've been thinking about redoing it because i ramble a lot in this video. but i hope you guys still like it :) please share your thoughts :P
  2. E

    Sleeping guys

    Hey guys, if you want to see videos of guys sleeping, follow me on my Youtube channel and look at my best playlist.
  3. M

    Hot Guy Laying on Table Naked For Full Body Massage

    I think you guys will enjoy this. I just wish the towel would come off.
  4. T

    Dead Ukrainian Soldier Igor Zinich (1989-2015) Before & After

    This gorgeous young Ukrainian soldier, Igor Zinich (1989-2015), died defending Donetsk Airport from pro-Russian rebels. Here are photos of this manly hunk dead and alive going back 4 years. Igor Zinich (Born September 6, 1989; Died January 20, 2015): Dead: Alive:
  5. anonboy

    actor/model stud

    Joaquín Ferreira
  6. T

    Interrogating Ukrainian POW Before Loading Some Fallen Ukrainian Soldiers Onto Truck

    Here's a video of Pro-Russian fighters interrogating some Ukrainian POW soldiers. Also shows the dead and soon to be dead soldiers on the ground. Their corpses were then loaded onto a truck. This event was covered very widely. Therefore, there are so many videos with different angles of the...
  7. T

    Alive Ukrainian Soldier Cock

  8. TakeNoPrizners

    the Eric Hill kill

    Eric Hill, 31, just died from injuries sustained in a paragliding accident in Utah/USA. Here are images of him alive. Hill was an outdoor adventurer and erstwhile television celebrity, scheduled this season to be among a pool of studs vying for a mate on the series "The Bachelorette." Now his...
  9. m3m1

    Fantasy Scenario #7

    The boy leans back against the wall with his head turned down. I know he’s watching me, though; he’s been eyeing me as much as I’ve been checking him out. Late teens, medium height and build. I can see his pecs through his tight t-shirt. He has curly hair, kinda dirty blond. There’s a faint...
  10. phyzzique

    ♥♥♥Two Bad Boys in pickup truck morto♥♥♥

  11. Destroymykok

    Am still seeking that medievil style death

    Quite simply I should be secured upside down spreadeagled. The executioner should then place an old but effective saw between my legs & start cutting down the length of my body. Although wracked with pain I should according to research remain alive & alert until the saw blade cuts the heart.
  12. Meatpie

    Dead sexy model...but is it really him?

    Same guy? Please help.
  13. Meatpie

    Hawking: The human mind can be trasnferred to a computer and exist indefinately

    Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking with his sister Mary At the premiere of a documentary film about his life, the renowned physicist said it was theoretically possible to copy the human brain onto a computer and provide life after the body dies...
  14. Badbloodz09

    New Dead Findings

    1.alive dudes getting embalm and organ extracted...(Japan Movie-Embalming) 2.Alive guy getting frozen for organ harvesting (The Clonus Horror 1979 ) Enjoy....:rocks3::tognue2::dancing::happy banana:
  15. T

    Kill him, strangle him

    Hey i am talking about this hot, sexy guy. He is straight and still alive but you can kill him by planning your own plot. He liked books so much. Add him on facebook he is fucking hot and would look dashing after death.
  16. Meatpie

    Boy badly injured in Syria War

    The carnage in Syria continues with more and more kids shot, gassed in their sleep, bombed in school, burnt alive in their thousands while Obama is too scared to interfere.
  17. Meatpie

    Super sweet fit and cute hairy model dead and pale in morgue

    Intense morgue photos of this deceased model available now in our Secret Room. Alive photos, info, age of the dude, manner of death, dozens of uncensored morgue images, video - all in our Secret Room! Crazy stuff we don't post every day, dude is a one of the most devastatingly handsome dead...
  18. Meatpie

    Two young men executed and buried together in shallow grave

  19. Meatpie

    Man burns alive at Eternal Flame monument in Pskov, Russia

    Rare and crazy case of suicide at eternal flame monument in the Russian town of Pskov. The man burnt alive.
  20. jiangzhu

    Cute Chinese Girl Murdered

    Uncensored crime scene photos.