1. JonCamp

    Hot shirtless young man found dead

    A corpse with its head wrapped in packing tape was found Tuesday morning in a rice field in Sitio Hibaler, Barangay Rizal, Banga, South Cotabato, Philippines. In an interview by Brigada News FM Koronadal with SPO1 Pepito Balmores of Banga PNP, he described the body as a man, with short hair...
  2. Frazeeme

    CDG Dead in the Front Seat

  3. Frazeeme

    Teen Gutted and Beheaded

  4. Frazeeme

    Hot Young Man With Bullet Holes

    That's his rest stop.
  5. Frazeeme

    Today is Garbage Pick Up Day in Acapulco

    Remember, it is OK to take anything left at the curb.
  6. Frazeeme

    Count the Bullet Holes in the Windshield - Man Killed With 10 Shots

    Red pickup in a club parking lot Saturday night.
  7. Frazeeme

    Blood Gushing From Mouth of Young Man Shot in the Head

    :wow sign:
  8. Frazeeme

    Blood Flowing From Dead Young Man in Chair

    Most clearly seen at 50 seconds. Young guy on floor not flowing as freely.
  9. Frazeeme

    Good Views of Bullet Holes - Man Shot Dead in Auto

  10. Frazeeme

    Dead Young Drug Dealer With Nice Tattoos

  11. Frazeeme

    Uses Bucket Seats Efficiently

  12. Meatpie

    Taliban Execute Several Men by Firing Squad

  13. S

    Story Request

    I was wondering if I could get someone to write a story about doing what's pictured below to me. I'm quite submissive guy, and I'm really into the idea of being turned limbless, then cockless, then gutted and my throat cut. A fantasy where a lover/boyfriend fulfills this wish would be amazing...
  14. Meatpie

    Man Executed by Rival Cartel in Mexico

  15. Jeremygay

    Jeremy ans the Lost Civilization Part 2 BY TECPATL

    I wrote the second part because Caleb had liked all of our posts to get us out of jail, and my account did open up. But by the time I finished it and went to post I was locked out again. If yours is open feel free to post. Otherwise I’ll post if mine ever opens up again. In the meantime enjoy...
  16. Overkill Gang Execution of Young Lad

    Overkill Gang Execution of Young Lad

    Mexico. Clear version no watermarks CDG exclusive content.
  17. Jeremygay

    Executed in the same way as William Wallace

    That was one of my biggest fantasies and would love to share this in a text rolepay on Skype. Until 1870, when it was abolished, the full details of the sentence imposed on the convicted person were as follows: - being dragged, naked, on a hurdle (a wooden trellis) through the streets to the...
  18. G

    London guy looking to be scourged and crucified outdoors

    North London based guy looking to travel (within England) or to be collected. Looking for some hard labour to exhaustion, followed by heavy punishment, followed by a genuine scourging and finally followed by a genuine outdoor crucifixion. Ideally all within a 24 hour period (from start of hard...
  19. TakeNoPrizners

    Jack O'Connell gets the needle on Death Row in Texas

    Trial by Fire is a 2018 film directed by Edward Zwick. It's based on the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. In 2004 at age 36, Willingham was executed by lethal injection in Texas after being falsely accused and convicted of murdering his kids. Jack O'Connell plays the lead role. The actor first...
  20. secretchamber78

    Punishment for Losers

    My rowing team lost a crucial game against another college. After returning back to the training centre, the team manager said there would be some punishment on us. We did not think too much on it; just entered the accommodation room, climbing onto to the bunk beds, lying there for a while and...