1. M

    Obese man undressing

  2. groveport64

    Dead with dick

    Does anyone know what the marks say in these pics?
  3. altsxman

    Classic Death: In Black & White

    maybe some old... maybe some new.... but all dead & sexy... just waiting for someone to make love to them...
  4. V

    Looking in the Seattle , WA area

    Anyone into role plays in the Seattle area? PM me and let’s see where it goes. Really like morbidtech type of scenes and snuff scenes. 33, 5’9”, 170lbs
  5. enji17

    Dead with scat Anybody more pic and good quality video ? Please
  6. BloodFullOfPain

    14 men cut in halves

    Just amazing amount of meat. :drool::drool::drool:
  7. secretchamber78

    Revived, and then executed

    A story from my collection. It was on a website many years ago but now the website has been shut down. I was taking a shower after soccer training. The hot water in the school shower room was cut off due to an accident; so I just took a cold shower. Suddenly, I collapsed on the floor. Before I...
  8. P

    Los Angeles

    Smooth body male 5’10 188 seeks guys 50 and older to take control of me and do what they want. I can get into strangulation, ropes or hanging. A fantasy of mine has always been having my blood drained slowly while on a table drugged unable to move. I’m open to lots location Los Angeles
  9. V

    perverse monsters take advantage of boys.

    Hi, I have several ideas for my next stories. What do you think of these images and how would you like them to continue? now we have other new victims. which do you like more and which boy, do you want the monsters to fuck?
  10. AnonymousPH

    Dominican man found dead and naked

    Go to 6:00 to see his cock.
  11. E

    naked dying guy

    poor guy, damn hot though. hopefully new
  12. E

    Dead naked guy in street I do not think I have seen this here. If so, sorry for the repeat.
  13. E

    Poor guy murdered in the street and nude
  14. E

    Naked guy last breath
  15. E

    dead nude guy in the street, murdered been away for a while so hope not a repost