1. EdsbeGores

    I would choose: / and you would choose what type of person if you could, and what to do to them

    I saw the photo of these two guys on a forum, apparently they are already dead, but I can imagine them dying slowly during a hanging, both at the same time, in order to see which one hold on the longest...
  2. proton

    Autoerotic Asphyxiation and Sex Games Gone Wrong. Large Compilation

  3. Matthew

    Some fat daddies

    Hope you like them!
  4. engorgio

    Oliver Flynn's Hairy Armpits

    If anyone here has armpit and/or straight guys fetishes, you'll like this post.
  5. Frazeeme

    CDG Hung With Pants and Undies Down - Suspected Sexual Torture

  6. groveport64

    Genital exam on youtube

    Would you let your doctor post your genital exam on youtube for everyone to watch? If my bod looked as good as this guy maybe lol.
  7. groveport64

    Double dick hot or not??

    Looking at porn on twitter and came across this dude. I dont even know if this is hot or not but his dick (s) are huge lol. Do you think this is hot or not??
  8. Frazeeme

    Young Man Semi-Nude and Decapitated

  9. engorgio

    Hairy man in morgue slab

    He has a nice death stare.
  10. engorgio

    Handsome guy autopsy

    I haven't seen this video posted again so I did.
  11. Frazeeme

    Young Man Tossed Nude Into Creek

    Clubbed to death in drug deal Was the red arrow really necessary? :rolleyes1:
  12. Frazeeme

    Executed - Bare Assed - Pulled From Water

    Another Treasure From Brazil
  13. Jeremygay

    The sacrificial stone

    A photoshopped work from Tecpatl, very inspiring.
  14. Jeremygay

    Ritual sacrifice

    one of my greatest fantasies would be to be the victim of a cult and the object of some sort of ritual sacrifice…. a good scenario for roleplay texting, what do you think?
  15. E

    Cute naked guy in morgue

    Found this today. New to me. Not very steady, but sweet
  16. M

    Man Found Naked, with Signs of Torture.

    (Probably an old post. However, alot of pictures has been deleted so enjoy. ) A man's body, as yet unidentified, was found dead with cruelty, on the morning of Thursday (18), in the village Cable pasture, rural New Church. The victim was completely naked and showed signs of beating. According...
  17. Jeremygay

    Jeremy ans the Lost Civilization Part 2 BY TECPATL

    I wrote the second part because Caleb had liked all of our posts to get us out of jail, and my account did open up. But by the time I finished it and went to post I was locked out again. If yours is open feel free to post. Otherwise I’ll post if mine ever opens up again. In the meantime enjoy...
  18. Jeremygay

    Roasting photoshop

    My friend and I are in the middle of a script written on Skype and he did a Photoshop with one of my photos. Hope this makes your mouth water!
  19. Jeremygay

    Young victim for texting roleplay

    Hi all, I haven't taken the time to really introduce myself yet, so here we go! I am a young gay man from Switzerland. I am 24 years old and speak mainly French but also English. Since my adolescence I have been drawn to the morbid and the gory. And often, reading comics (Spiderman...
  20. Jeremygay

    Hanging like an animal

    one of my biggest fantasies would be to be captured and then savagely stripped to be hanged like an animal. so that my executioners can take advantage of my body and corpse.