1. Frazeeme

    Truck Driver Killed in Wreck

    Showing his best side.
  2. Meatpie

    July 2014 Bulgaria Train Derailment

    Bulgarian authorities are still looking for clues as to what caused a passanger train derailment on Saturday in which one of the engine drivers was killed by massive trauma to the chest his colleague survivied and later said the train was not above the speed limit others claim they ignored...
  3. phyzzique

    25 yo CDG Everton da Silva morto acidente

  4. Meatpie

    Three dudes in car wiped out by cistern truck in brutal Brazil wreck

  5. Meatpie

    Motorcyclist falls apart in high-speed wreck

  6. Meatpie

    Two fit dudes killed in motorcycle wreck

  7. Meatpie

    Santiago de Compostela train derailment

    The Santiago de Compostela derailment took place on 24 July 2013, when an Alvia high-speed train travelling from Madrid to Ferrol, in the north-west of Spain, left its track at high speed on a curve, about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) outside of the railway station at Santiago de Compostela. Of the...
  8. Meatpie

    Many killed in bus wreck

  9. Meatpie

    Luxury sports car plows into crowd in Poland during race, injuring 17 [VIDEO]

    The aftermath of the high-speed wreck, in which this luxury sports car crashed into spectators during a race in Poland today. 17 people were hurt, but all are expected to survive. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/luxury_sports_video_plows_into_crowd_pUeI89P1JTefy LUenamTiK
  10. N

    Naked Male being Autopsied

  11. Meatpie

    Bus wreck

  12. E

    For all f Stu's/Ricks Buds

    Just so allconcerned over Rick can be aware. He came thru the surgery ok and without any hitches. Of course he is very, very sore but other than that he is just fine. He looks beingfowardto be back on the site with his buddies. Probably somewhere this weekend. Let's all wish him a speedy...
  13. phyzzique

    23 yo Wellington de Jesus assassinado

    Last pic for my lil bro
  14. Meatpie

    Motorcycle wreck...I am afraid amputation is necessary

  15. Meatpie

    Young man dies in car wreck in Russia

  16. metalmachine

    Dead Chubby on Car Wreck

  17. J

    Am I the only one who notices guy/guy knockout bondage sites being ERASED COMPLETELY?

    WHO THE HECK LET THESE MORAL DO-GOODERS WRECK ALL THE GOOD CHLORO MALE/MALE BDSM SITES? Or,am I just the only sicko out there into it? Even the few sites(EVEN THE PAY SITES/PREMIUM SITES) once dedicated to it have now been told to edit out kidnap/k.o. scenes including even the story sites too...
  18. Meatpie

    Young guy dies in motorcycle wreck in Lampasas, Texas

    Happened on Saturday September 1, 2012.
  19. phyzzique

    Handsome 33 yo Roberto Carlos Adamante....handsome no more!

    Died in awful car wreck
  20. jon_b

    wreck of the Hilma Hooker

    Stunning b/w w/a pic of a diver stood on the sea floor close to the wreck of a ship. The photo does not identify the wreck nor attribute the photographer. However this wreck has a very distinctive shape - and I am sure it is the wreck of the Hilma Hooker. B/W photography is not extinct yet - an...