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    hoi ik geil op behaarde mannen die slapen
    You're welcome, I've been into more of the doing reaction of the human body. Mostly, since I'm double jointed, I like to play dead, and get in odd positions, etc. Also, my collection of oddes, into art. I like to sketch. =) I'm an odd, one. Though during the weekend this week, I get to see my brother in prison, I am thinking of telling him how great the site is. Also, he told me in his letters, he wanted to say something to the ppl on CDG. Just a letter. haha. So, I be happy to post it when he sends it to be, or when he gives it to me when I visit him.
    I like your album, it was very nice, and also, indeed a great good culture of history to do. -smiles-
    The new pics of you dead in the Civil War group are incredible man!
    I commented on a few.
    My pleasure REB buddy, love looking out for ya, and there are plenty more ways to kill and be killed!
    Hi. I want to donate but cannot use paypal due to address issues. Meatpie had a suggestion and one of them was to talk to you also. I don't know how to private message you for some reason. I will try this.
    Maybe you can private message me?
    Hi. Is there any way to un-become a member of CDG? I searched everywhere but couldn't find that option listed. Thanks.
    I feel at home here. I am glad you and meatpie are here. Your comments and even sometimes your sparring engage me. I know there are rational explanations for this being so erotic but i do not know them yet. I just finally going with it. And who knew i was in such good company.
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