1. Vandome

    Dead girl founded in her room (Me playing dead)

    Well, it's just me playing dead, that's all
  2. popgoesthehead

    Dead Women Feet & Soles

  3. Meatpie

    Uncensored Female Autopsy Video

  4. Meatpie

    19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev dies during police "experiment" in Ukraine [MORGUE PHOTOS]

    19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev dies during police "experiment" in Ukraine [MORGUE PHOTOS] Young healthy 19-year-old Dmitry Pozdeev from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine was arrested two weeks ago after he attempted to rob a woman in the town of Zaporizhia. During a police "field experiment" on...
  5. Meatpie

    Bus accident in Brazil leaves three dead

    A pregnant woman and her baby were killed when a bus crash in Brazil. Nearly 50 were injured after brakes failed and driver lost control.
  6. Meatpie

    Vigilante justice in Brazil

    Residents of a small Brazilian town have taken justice into their own hands after a series of brutal street muggings last week. The robber was caught in the act trying to steal from a pregnant woman who screamed for help. Locals tied him up barefoot and beat and kicked him hard on the street...
  7. Art Of War

    The Awkward Moment When You Get Caught...............?????

    What is your most awkward I got caught.........moment(s)? Mine would be 1) Naked walking around the house with a boner 2) Wanking to porn
  8. deaddirty

    Bizarre death - cobra and condom

    Bizarre case, not made easier by Google translate from Thai. this guy was found dead apparently from cobra bite, but wearing a condom on his dick! Explanations on a postcard please! ..!! Big news so far, newspaper headlines this morning June 9 hueha as. "Young Ayutthaya was the Cobra...
  9. Meatpie

    Woman Found Dead with Face Skinned

    Murder in Mexico. Perfect teeth.
  10. Art Of War

    I Am Not Racist!!! Why is it when push comes to shove peoples true feelings come out?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2423048/Jonathan-Ferrell-Police-shot-unarmed-man-TEN-TIMES-sought-help-car-crash.html One thing I hate most about race issues, is when someone proclaims they are not racist or predujice against another race, I have learnt from personal experience and...
  11. Meatpie

    Female bicyclist run over by a wedding car in Kazan, Russia

    Vid taken just a few minutes after the accident, witnesses say woman was brutally run over by an Audi.
  12. jon_b

    Man & woman shot dead

    Couple shot dead - note this is a 'unique' montage of photos 'stuck' together to re-create the scene for the interest of our CDG members :yes:
  13. Meatpie

    INSANE: Woman falls backwards down a well and drowns

    Jesus, no other info.
  14. jiangzhu

    Cute Chinese Girl Murdered

    Uncensored crime scene photos.
  15. ricardo719

    The New Neighbor

    I had moved into an old Victorian house that had been split up into apartments, and accepted the job of apartment manager in order to pay minimal rent. It was a nice house and had been well cared for, and repairs and maintenance could be hired out at my discretion. A few months after I moved...
  16. Verdugo ReDrum

    Fifty dead men walking

    Scene of "Fifty dead men walking" Escena de la película "50 hombres muertos" http://videobam.com/ukDkB
  17. Meatpie

    One of my favourite pics of all time - Cute guy shares morgue table with obese woman

    Old but still a favourite.
  18. D

    Live camera - execution of a jovem

  19. phyzzique

    Total humiliation!! Funeral home places ashes in Wal-Mart bag

    AMELIA, Ohio — An Ohio woman who found her teenage son’s cremated remains in a plastic shopping bag inside an urn is talking about how she’s upset with the Kentucky funeral home that handled the ashes. Nancy Bronner, of Amelia in southwestern Ohio, said she was disgusted to open her son’s urn...
  20. A

    Spanish legionnaire military

    Spanish legionnaire military looking man or woman who wants to strangle with the hands, rope, belt, tie ... also hanged, plastic bag suffocation or drowning in wáter. adrian79leg@yahoo.es Militar legionario español busca hombre o mujer que le quiera estrangular con las manos, cuerda, cinturon...