1. O

    Snuff, rape, hanging, ext. stories

    Hi does anyone know any good links for snuff, rape, hanging, ext. Stories? I remember one website that had several different areas of these but can't remember the link if anyone know some please help me out thanks.
  2. C

    looking for guys to do roleplay of playing war

    looking for other guys who are into doing roleplay stories of fighting in a war battle--hit me up on yahoo messenger - jason.brickmon94
  3. Art Of War

    AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot Cafe:- Info Requested Please

    In the early 2000s, there was this awesome yahoo group called gayextremestories to do with non consensual activities and desires. I am wanting to know if any CDG members knows the authors or where to get a copy of two excellent story series called AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot...
  4. V

    new corpse manipulation

    Hello, this way seeking ideas for new stories and a series of photos, the handling of a dead body and feet, please write here or send me a message, thank you
  5. J

    finally the burden is lifted

    i finally told my parents that i am gay. they told me that i would always be there son but i honeslty expeted the worst. how about you guys do any of you have interesting stories about being found out or telling?
  6. todd00009

    BestDeaths compilation of video clips for July 24th 2013

    Some good ones... Including nude morgue scene... New Deathbot death... Hot bed strangle... and more...
  7. S


    Hey, my name's Tyler, but I like to be called Star. I'm pretty much an ordinary gamer guy, but I do have some strange this case, they're quite normal. I'm bisexual, and I mostly like seeing guys' organs, especially when they're being touched or played with. Bonus points if it...
  8. J

    Who on here is x militaery? Want to hear your stories.

    Hey guys I am not x military. But wondering who is.
  9. Doc

    Soldiers photographed or filmed nude without consent

    Soldiers are a real turn on for me either in or out of uniform. My preference is straight soldiers who have been captured (NC) without consent for the particular image of them. Granted they may have given consent by their oath of service for most anything to be done to them without...
  10. B

    Bad Brother Idea

    I'm going to be starting a story soon that will require decisions by readers. It is based on the reality TV series Big Brother. I will be putting twenty hot guys in a house and updating with fictional daily diary entries, every few days a number of guys will be put up for eviction and the...
  11. A

    New Site for Gladiator Fights and Man-to-Man Combat!

    If you enjoy reading fantasy stories about gladiators battling one another in the arena, brave warriors fighting to the bitter end, or other forms of man-to-man combat, come check out my new site, Sweat, Steel and Glory, where I regularly post exciting and bloody tales!
  12. justus

    Predator Story of a Serial Killer Chapter Two

    Predator-Story-of-a-Serial-Killer-Chapter-One Chapter Two - victim POV - Pain. Nothing but pain. I gasped a breath. I'm used to waking up scared. It's been my routine for years now. Ever since my father literally shoved me out the front door, told me not to come back, and slammed it...
  13. Z

    sex snuff stories?

    Does anyone know any website with good gay men sex stories with snuff (vore or non vore. I accept both). I already know zambianmeat and bonus points if the website has mucle men being snuffed.
  14. M

    Shooting at sunset