1. Meatpie

    Can you feel love for another man? Or is it just lust?

    Some guys I know say they are 100% gay yet they can't feel true love for another man. Can you? Or is it just lust? Please vote.
  2. B


    Hi, I'm new! My name is Berns. I don't really have necrophilia, but there's a lot of good pornographical stuff here as well as things that can (and have) artistically inspire me. I may not exactly agree with a lot of the things that go on here, but do carry on regardless of me because I still...
  3. Halford

    31 yo shot dead

    Rosivan Luiz Medeiros Rodas, 31 Am I the only that thinks a little overweight guys are much hotter than slim guys? :not sure:
  4. justus

    Predator Story of a Serial Killer Chapter One

    Author's Note: I have some stories and drawings I thought I might post here in reciprocation. I am not sure if any of it really fits in, you will let me know, won't you? This is a story of rape, torture and possibly death of a young man by a serial killer. This is a work of fiction. Nothing here...
  5. jon_b

    SA Miners

    A collection of HR images available in our CDG Secret Room available for our Elite Members to collect
  6. StiffBoy

    N.a.k.e.d. Man pulled from special hole

    Murdered case.......:totally hot: They wash the body before the examination ! It's repost clip, but good to see again ! *Click image if you want to continue...
  7. MichiganGhoul

    It Was An Accident! Fun Fiction by Michigan

    It Was An Accident! Fun Fiction by MichiganGhoul. Completed on August 9, 2012. It was 10:18 PM on that October Friday night when Chad at last inserted the key into his 2004 Ford and turned the ignition. The small, thin young man sighed...
  8. E

    Victim Looking to be Strangled and Smothered

    I am looking for 1 or 2 people to role play and use me as a victim being tied to a chair and then 1 smothering and the other choking me wearing skin tight leather gloves,jacket and a mask.....even better if the 2 of them smother at same time till i pass out then wake up to be used as their sex...
  9. Demon

    Guy has many stab wounds

    Strange shoes don't you think?
  10. Meatpie

    Handsome morgue guy begging for sex

    Full morgue set in our Secret Room. No watermarks.
  11. Rand503

    Pedro's Last Orgasm

    Pedro has been my fuck buddy for a few months. He's really a hot latino -- dark skin, really hairy chest, beautiful treasure trail going right to that thick black bush. He has awesomely beautiful wavy black hair, and he looks great with a two day beard. His lips are so thick you'd think he...
  12. jon_b

    Blowing bubbles

    Dead guy with foam running from mouth
  13. blackheart327

    Cute Headless bodies

    cute, headless bodies, and they were just left there. what a waste. I would taken one home, and had my way with it until it started to go bad.