1. Meatpie

    Vigilante justice in Brazil

    Residents of a small Brazilian town have taken justice into their own hands after a series of brutal street muggings last week. The robber was caught in the act trying to steal from a pregnant woman who screamed for help. Locals tied him up barefoot and beat and kicked him hard on the street...
  2. Art Of War

    AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot Cafe:- Info Requested Please

    In the early 2000s, there was this awesome yahoo group called gayextremestories to do with non consensual activities and desires. I am wanting to know if any CDG members knows the authors or where to get a copy of two excellent story series called AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot...
  3. higladius


    Good action movie with Sly Stallone, yes a lot are killed with a bullet to the head...plenty of killings. HIGLADIUS
  4. Art Of War

    Questions and Information Request about Bulgaria for Meat Pie To Answer

    Created a place for you members requesting more info on Bulgaria. I shall start first. Meat Pie, What was it like growing up in the 90s in regards to the collapse of Yugoslavia and the conflicts that came afterwards? How did your country take it? What were the impacts on your country and its...
  5. Art Of War

    Earth Death by Earthquakes

    At times I am in doubt that the Earth will last until the Sun slowly kills it, millions of years from now. Fault lines acts like hairline fractures on the earths crust which grow larger and larger in time and connect with other hairline fractures becoming one large fracture. Fractures can...
  6. V

    new corpse manipulation

    Hello, this way seeking ideas for new stories and a series of photos, the handling of a dead body and feet, please write here or send me a message, thank you
  7. deaddirty

    Bizarre death - cobra and condom

    Bizarre case, not made easier by Google translate from Thai. this guy was found dead apparently from cobra bite, but wearing a condom on his dick! Explanations on a postcard please! ..!! Big news so far, newspaper headlines this morning June 9 hueha as. "Young Ayutthaya was the Cobra...
  8. todd00009


    A while back a bunch of gay student film makers created one of the best necro-themed feature films ever... DEAD BOYS CLUB... It's now available for the first time as digital download... watch these hot naked college boys kill each other again and again in Part 3 of a 7 part series.... More...
  9. todd00009

    Montage of Death Clips from BestDeaths Sept. 11, 2013

    This week features the intro to new BestDeaths Actor "KT" (A real bad ass begging to be killed)... More of cute boy Deathbot "Jay"... Strangulation of twink underwear model... Plus more hot action in the continuation of the underground film DEAD BOYS CLUB... And much more....
  10. G

    Felipe Uendel Cerqueira, 18 anos

  11. todd00009

    Introducing DEATHBOT JAY - a cute boy-like robot you can kill again and again.

    Introducing DEATHBOT JAY - a cute boy-like robot you can kill again and again.... Deathbot Jay begs to be strangled, stabbed or killed anyway you want..... again and again.... Deathbot Jay's series of death scenes begin this week on BestDeaths....
  12. jon_b

    Dead Bridge Jumper shows us his cock

  13. Meatpie

    TATORT, Best Gay Necro TV Series of all Time: Shenja Lacher Stark Naked in Morgue

    Brutally hot morgue scenes, no censorship whatsoever, no modesty cloth or fat mortican getting in the way blocking our view...I give the show five stars and declare it the hottest gay necro series ever shown on TV. :5 stars:
  14. todd00009

    Chad and Jake strangled in morgue

    Chad and Jake are working outside ... they are chloroformed and dragged away... They wake up naked in a morgue, ready for embalming... they wake up, then are simultaneously strangled by the mortician... This video is HOT!!! This video contains full frontal nudity. "Chad and Jake Are...
  15. H

    spartacus blood and sand ashur death
  16. Sharkbait

    Super Hot Tom Hopper in Tormented

    Let me know what you think:
  17. Meatpie

    Tatort "Crime Scene" TV series
  18. todd00009


    One of the cutest and most popular DeathBots (Deathbot Stan) returns again this week to be killed once again by his "master"... The Deathbot series fulfils one of the ultimate necro-fantasies... to have a human robot you can kill, strip, and abuse, again and again.... DEATHBOT Stan....
  19. PiercedChest

    Addict shot

    I seem to remember having seen the last pic on CDG already, but I can't find it. If this is a repost, sorry and I hope some of the other pics are new. Veron Junior Feliciano Ramirez, 18 years of age was shot numerous times. The victim was a user of narcotics, police think it may have to do with...
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