role play

  1. TorquesPlayHouse

    Looking for other psyco Buds, and eventual executioner

    Hey! I’m a gay 21 year old in the US (Ohio) i was born and raised in Texas, and am quite the cowboy twink! I’m looking for a variety of things. To start I’m looking for like minded psyco buds, to talk with, do role play stories and such, ultimately looking for my executioner. I suffer from some...
  2. V

    Looking in the Seattle , WA area

    Anyone into role plays in the Seattle area? PM me and let’s see where it goes. Really like morbidtech type of scenes and snuff scenes. 33, 5’9”, 170lbs
  3. N

    Victim 8

    Hey guys After literally years of planning, CDG member Tmorose and I have finally set a date for our necro session. He will become victim 8 on my necro resume. I am attaching a link to his profile where you can see some of his dead pictures. He is every killer's dream...
  4. S

    Looking for someone to do a roleplay with. - Female her.

    I am a female in her twenties, if that makes any difference. I'd like to do a roleplay with someone where I'd be the torturer. My Wicker is: Skeleslut if you're interested.
  5. M

    Victim looking for snuff chat

    Victim, 22 m, looking for someone to chat with about how they’d kill me Wickr: mcsp69 Kik: mcsp1994
  6. K


    Seeking interested victim(s) for a role play meet in or near Honolulu Oct 25-29. Can host. HMU @
  7. 5

    53 year old role player wants some fun with a friend - Hertfordshire, North London

    I am a 53 year old guy that like to role play executions in so far as taken prisoner, stripped to my underwear or naked and photographed being dead. Ideally photographed outdoor in the woods or countryside. Looking for a friend who would like to do the same.
  8. D

    28 Year Old Guy Looking for Killer in Toronto

    Hi, I'm a 28 years old muscular man in Toronto. Like to play victim who is stabbed or strangled to death and whose body is displayed in positions the killer likes for his fun. If interested, please hit me a message and we can discuss more in details.
  9. P

    Los Angeles

    Looking for dominant guys. I prefer 50 and older into many possibilities
  10. yourtrophyhead

    Role Play Real Time or Yahoo IM

    Hi, I've been "Killed" a few times by in real life role play by 2 different guys who wanted me and my stuff (leather jacket, jewelry, wallet, etc) for a trophy, meat , leather, furniture. The real time role plays were HOT. Cyber can be good with an imaginative killer. Anyone want to take...
  11. C

    Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher would be the perfect cute dead guy. He is a god.
  12. R

    I need role-play partners!

    Hey there! I'm a college kid and quite frankly, I like to think about getting used in any way possible and then being disposed of to please another male. I'm submissive as all living hell and just want someone to express these ideas with. This would be completely textual and stay online of...
  13. C

    role play,

    Hi, any one in the U K in Southend who would either let me play and strip there dead corpse or/ and do the same to me. If you are interested, please email me. only avalable during weekdays. Thanks.
  14. J

    Seeking Roleplayer

    I am looking for someone near Sunnyside, Washington to be my "Corpse" you will lie down and play dead while I strip you, and explore & fuck your body until you come, I am open to a lot of things if you wish to do more than some deep exploration
  15. UnconsciousSole

    Dead guys in entire movies and plays

    I was wondering, are there many films where a guy is dead throughout the entire film, and there's a bunch of dead body role play? I suppose there's 'Weekend at Bernies' and it's sequel, and Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Trouble With Harry', but I can't think of any others. Also I was wondering if...
  16. F

    willing victim for UK play

    Anyone in UK want to play? I am a slim willing victim for gutting, cock removal, torture etc .I like to be tied and helpless.
  17. M

    28 y/o castration/execution roleplay London

    Anyone in London up for castrating/executing to ideas and making this mutually fun.
  18. K

    Looking for a NYC Chef

    29 yo meat looking for a hungry NYC based chef for a real life role play.
  19. N

    Looking for guys into KO play in SF Bay Area

    Looking for submissive/passive guys in San Francisco Bay Area into real time (preferred) or role play KO scenes.
  20. K


    Looking for a victim for a role play meet in Toronto.