1. Meatpie

    Autopsy Girl

  2. metalmachine

    Fabio found dead in a River

    FÁBIO SANTOS ABADE, 28 Facebook of the victim:
  3. metalmachine

    Dead on motorbike hit

    Anderson Alves Leal, 23
  4. jon_b


    This youth was called Fernando - his life was brought to an end with 3 little holes caused by two bullets shot into his back and one into his chest - hitting just beside his left nipple. The holes might be small - but they were big enough to kill him :dunno:
  5. phyzzique

    Adolescente Fernando D'Avila assassinado

  6. phyzzique


    Obnoxious but hot football quarterback gets sacked for the last time
  7. phyzzique

    Fit motorcyclist broken

  8. G

    Playing Dead Morgue Play in the LA area

    Looking for guys into dead morgue play (washing & oiling the body, etc.) and other creative scenes. Open to new ideas. In the Los Angeles area. Hit me up if interested. Thanks guys!
  9. jon_b

    Handsome Hunk Pisses Jeans

    Handsome hunk 33 yr old Taxi Operator Joarez Alfeu Gabriel pissed his jeans when he was riddled with 25 bullet holes.
  10. N

    What about this? let's go to min. 04:50... I Think It's a Brazilian show
  11. Meatpie

    Young guy beheaded in Mexico

  12. Meatpie

    Dalton sleeping with mouth open
  13. jon_b


    29 year Adriano went out to get some parts for his bike - he ended up dead, in the morgue with his eyes open and 2 bullet holes in his body :shock:
  14. F

    Chloro and chock compil

    Hello ! For fans of chloroform or/and inconscious men : For those who...
  15. A

    man with a huge hole in neck still speaking
  16. metalmachine

    Ricky Henderson KO

  17. phyzzique

    20 yo CDG Dalvan dos Santos assassinado

    Dalvan was shot dead then stabbed multiple times
  18. todd00009

    Getting caught Masturbating could kill you...

    In this awesome video from BestDeaths, a college student is caught masturbating while choking himself by his roommate... His roommate first chloroforms him, throws him naked on the bed... then chokes him for real with a thick leather belt..... More pictures and video at Name...
  19. todd00009

    How do YOU want to see Jake killed?

    In this re-post of the "Meet Jake" introduction video ... watch new BestDeath's actor JAKE taunt you and challenge YOU to strangle him? In future videos how would YOU like to see him killed?
  20. Meatpie

    Soldier sleeping with eyes open