1. Tecpatl

    Young man's guts cut out by killer

    According to court reports Razellius Mills, 20, killed Derrick Woods, 32, by slicing open his belly, pulling out his guts, and cutting them off.
  2. M

    Short Story: Baby-dick Tyler

    Tyler woke up with raging morning wood. It was only five and half inches, on a good day, but you take what you can get. He'd had a couple girls laugh at him. But then again, he'd had a couple girls that didn't seem to give a shit, and he'd railed the fuck out of them. Pulling back the covers, he...
  3. N

    Nurse Jacintha Saldanha' death

    I am a little curious to read what people think about this story. As you guys know, Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was the nurse who was the victim of a prank call where a man and a woman from Australia impersonated the Queen and Prince Charles. Now that she commited suicide, many people are...
  4. Meatpie

    Another sexy fit football player gets autopsied and washed with cold water in morgue

    CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Full uncensored morgue video of a Russian football player, fit & strong total athlete. :Merry Xmas: He was washed with cold water in morgue eyes open, video shows his beautiful pale face during the procedure, no censorship whatsoever. Premium membership is required to...
  5. veryblah214


    Strangled from behind. Left dead and naked. Next time: Hung and laid out, including some feet.
  6. Deadlock

    Story - a fantasy

    At the end of the days competition I'd won my fifth gold buckle in as many years. Champion bull rider - Yee haw! This was what it was about. The check helped sure but admiring that gold beauty cinched tight about my waist was what counted for me. Otherwise muddied up to the hair line I was...
  7. darkestblond

    snuff me

    awesome! for my big day I need a 10 ft tall st. andrews cross with a 12 in spiked metal dildo @ the cross point flat on the ground. after slamming meth & oxycodone tabs with tequila to dull any pain I will sit on the tip of the dildo & you push me we down by my soulders. blood will flow from my...
  8. gibing


    Stabbed in the stomach, a sad end for this 18 year old Beauty from Brazil
  9. Meatpie

    Merry Christmas CDG Members!

    Christmas is the busiest time of the year on our forums we are not exactly sure why... Stay with us throughout the festive season if you can for spectacular photos & videos covering all the latest deaths from around the world CDG morgue stays open 24/7 on Christams day and New Year's...