1. Meatpie

    CDG needs a new server

    Hi all, As some of you have seen the forum was a white/error page today due to a server glitch. Our users consume a lot of bandwith and the forum gets around 150,000 hits a month. We need to upgrade to a new, faster server that will cost us hundreds of dollars if we want to avoid future white...
  2. Micky

    The boy who asked for it.

    Micky was a good kid. Sure, he was a horny little fucker - had been since he was twelve. And he was a raving schizo too. But he was a good kid. When he was fourteen he developed viral pneumonia while he was on holiday. Within hours his lungs had filled up with fluid and his blood sats had...
  3. stonefree

    NEDD YOUR HELP JESUS this guy is super hot. But I CANT find the position of the photos. If anyone know where to download the episode, I'll be glad.:super happy:
  4. S

    Blood and Stars

    Ok all here is my second attempt at a story, I promise it won't take as long as the Batherly Hunt. It's set in a space traveling future. Enjoy They attacked the ship at 0400; blew a ten foot hole in our hull and clamped on with that fucking docking port. The ship was supposed to be impervious...
  5. M

    looking for necro play in sw iowa

    Does anybody live in the southwest part of iowa? If you, let me know and let's have some fun together. Also, I'm always looking for people who want to kill or be killed by me online at
  6. crops

    Add me to Skype!!!!

    Hi! If you want play dead or talk add me to skype. skype: munich_09 Thanks!!!!
  7. phyzzique

    Michael van Eck, 24: slaughtered

    CDG Very handsome Michael van Eck, 24 murdered in Welkom cemetery...cut in pieces buried in shallow grave Apr 2, 2011 April 2 2011. Single Afrikaner electrician Michael van Eck, who worked at Beatrix goldmine’s Nr 4 shaft, was apparently lured to his death in a rural cemetery outside Welkom –...
  8. Tecpatl

    Dark Angel story

    Older story I posted on another forum which has disappeared. Offering to a Dark Angel Trent had been wandering the dark bathhouse maze for almost an hour. It was starting to seem pointless. One of the pretty boys tried to catch his eye again. But that wasn't what he came here for. At 21, with...
  9. G

    Anyone watched this movie?

    Hi Everyone: I watched a movie when i was 17 years old, and now i am 38 :-), this movie was described about a athlete was sent to the US to do special training. However, the true is he was sent to operation table ; he was injected to an unknown medical injection and passed out for the surgery...
  10. Meatpie

    UncoverReality Forum has reopened

    They moved to a new server, backup failed so all old posts gone! :very very sad:
  11. M

    looking for someone to kill me in online rp

    While I do enjoy killing off other cdg members in online roleplay, I'd also enjoy someone killing me off as well. If you're interested, meet me at
  12. D

    n00b Saying Hello

    Hello. Firstly I want to say what a fantastic forum. Can't believe it's taken me so long to find this place. Last week I was at the local cemetery as usual (I go there everyday to eat my lunch) hoping to catch a cute dead guy funeral that might be going on. Anyway, this woman has been...
  13. Meatpie

    Debbie's eHarmony Video Bio

    Tearful online dating video that's burning up the internet :hahahahha:
  14. M

    hanged in pants

    nice little movie
  15. phyzzique

    Damn! This guy is my Congressman

    :wtf sign: More sexually suggestive photos of Rep. Anthony Weiner surfaced yesterday - including one in which he's shirtless - after they were published by a conservative website that said they had been provided by a woman who said the New York Democrat...
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