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Aug 28, 2015
Midlands, England
(A very short story)

Kal drove his girlfriend Heta, who was a swimming champion in the university girl's team, to a tattoo shop. After saying goodbye to her, he drove to the gym in the university's sports centre. Here he would train himself to get ready for the ice hockey varsity next week against another university. As the captain of the team and the best player, his appearance was always a sign of victory.

The sports centre for elite athletes were only open to those like Kal, so on this day he was the only one using the gym. After stripping off his jacket and T-shirt, five guys suddenly rushed out from the wall dividing the changing area and shower cells, at the moment his upper body was fully exposed. Four of those five guys caught his arms and legs firmly like lightning. After being startled for a short while due to this sudden incident, Kal recognized that they were the members of that university hockey team, whom he and his team would play against next week.

One of those boys were standing in front of Kal. He told Kal: "Mate, you should sacrifice for your team now!"

Kal said calmly: "You want to beat me up, so that I will get injured?!"

The boy smiled in a sinister expression, saying: "Sacrifice means death."

When Kal was ready for a secret execution, his girlfriend Heta had already ended her life. The tattooist was not a real worker in the shop; instead, he was also someone from the sports team from the rival university. After entering the tatoo shop, Heta took off her jacket, lay on the bed for tattooing on her left shoulder with sports bra on the upper body. Then the "tattooist" shot a bullet with a tiny gun. The bullet thrust into the left side of her athletic cleavage and blew her heart. Sweeping the blood sprang out, the "tattooist" and his buddy wrapped Heta's body, which was about 1.71 meters long or tall (when she was alive), and carried it into the van.

Kal's journey to death started actually 20 minutes after his sweetheart's death. The guy in the rival university prepared a poisonous stiletto. The stiletto was very tiny but sharp, and its blade was only 5 cm long. Kal was brave, throwing out his well-shaped athletic pecs.

"Let me see how my heart can be stopped!"

The guy punctured Kal's right nipple first, then the left. The poison flew into his lungs. Kal was sweaty due to the pain, and the boy stabbing him started cleaning the blood flowing out of Kal's tits. That strong heart stopped beating within a minute. And Kal's eye were open as usual before being moved into the body bag.

Two days later, the campus newspaper reported that Kal and Heta died due to heart attack in intensive training on the same day. The morgue set up a place for their sad teammates to have a look at their bodies before cremation. Kal was in sports tank top, jeans and casual combat boots, lying on the gurney. The tank top perfectly covered his two nipples, which were two holes indeed. As for Heta, the sports bra she was in had an enough height to cover that tiny bullet hole through her muscular breast. No one would suspect that they could have been murdered.